10 Best Quotes That Perfectly Sum Up The Netflix Daredevil Series

The Netflix Daredevil run has, without a doubt, left a lasting impact on Marvel fans. After his unanticipated cameo appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home, and the trailer that indicated he would make an appearance in the latest She-Hulk series, fans were left wondering when Daredevil would receive an official revival under Disney.

At the 2022 San Deigo Comic Con, Marvel had its first panel since 2019, introducing a string of upcoming projects for phases 5 and 6, announcing the revival of a Daredevilseries under the title of Daredevil Born Again run. With the anticipation of more Daredevil on the horizon, it is hard not to forget the quote that made a lasting impression on fans and defined the series as a whole.


10 “I’m Not Seeking A Penance For What I’ve Done, Father…”

Matt Murdock

Starting off the season with a tense undertone, Matt pays a visit to church in order to repent before he puts on the mask. While the dynamic usually goes that repentance happens after the sin was committed, Matt opts for the reverse with the full quote being “I’m not seeking a penance for what I’ve done, Father. I’m asking for forgiveness for what I’m about to do.”

Matt’s struggle with religion is often correlated with his relationship with the Daredevil persona. The ways Matt goes about enacting justice directly opposes the teaching he had grown up learning. It is for this reason that this line encapsulates Daredevil’s character as well as his relationship with religion.

9 “You Hit Them & They Get Back Up. I Hit Them & They Stay Down.”

Frank Castle

Comic fans know that Daredevil is never the one that delivers the final blow. Frank Castle, on the other hand, will use any means needed to keep the people who he deems unworthy to live down on the ground.

This line, delivered by Frank, showcases not only the stark contrast between the two characters but also the line that Matt continues to draw between him and his victims throughout the series. While Matt’s motivation for utilizing violence over murder is clear, this line perfectly encapsulates the type of anti-hero Matt choose not to be.

8 “You And I Have A Lot In Common.”

Wilson Fisk

Wilson Fisk is one of the most infamous villains in the Daredevil series. He is intelligent, meticulous, and will use any means necessary to achieve his goals. Fisk, like Matt, was born and raised in Hell’s Kitchen and dreams of a better city for him and for the future.

Unlike Matt, however, Wilson goes to the nth degree and uses excessive forms of violence to make his dream for the city, a reality. When Fisk says this line, Matt becomes defensive implying that he would never put a person in the ground. This line and the scene that complimented it, brought to light both the similarities between the two characters and exactly why Matt and Wilson’s dynamic is so enjoyable to watch.

7 “I’m Daredevil. Not Even God Can Stop That Now.”

Matt Murdock

One of the reoccurring themes throughout the Daredevil series was Matt Murdock’s relationship with God. As a devout Catholic, Matt struggled to accept that he was both a man of God, but also a man who commit ungodly acts.

During season 3, when Matt was at his all-time low, not only did he break away from his religion temporarily, but in saying this line he was prepared to fully embrace the devil within him. This was a pivotal moment for the character because before this scene, Matt has tried to push away the devil within him, but this was the very moment he chose to embrace it fully.

6 “…You Have To Find The Strength To Hold On Tighter.”

Sister Maggie Grace

Seasons 1 and 2 of Daredevil gave fans an inside look into the mind and backstory of Matt Murdock, but never truly discussed his time in the orphanage. During season 3, when Matt is staying at the Church, Karen goes to Sister Maggie Grace expressing the trouble and anguish Matt has caused her.

In response to her woes, the Sister says the line “When someone in need tries to push you away… you have to find the strength to hold on tighter,” which offers insight into the vital role Matt’s friends play in his life, while also showcasing how they are meant to help him out of the hole he dug for himself throughout the season.

5 “I Need To Be The Man This City Needs.”

Matt Murdock

Many of Matt’s most iconic quotes hold a double meaning. Matt holds a unique position throughout the entire series. He is a man who wishes to change and improve his community both with and without the mask.

In this scene, Matt explains to Stick why he cannot fight his bigger war, and the importance of focusing on one’s own community first. Throughout the series, Matt, at a core level, cares first for his community, which is perfectly depicted through this line.

4 “You Need To Pay Me Back For Your Rent.”

Karen Page

After letting his friends believe he was gone forever, Matt Murdock, living in the basement of the Church he grew up in, made no attempt to reach out to his friends. Meanwhile, Karen, overcome with grief, continued to pay Matt’s bills, holding out hope that he would return.

After learning he returned, Karen makes this sarcastic comment to Matt, showing off her sass as well as her coldness toward’s Matt. While an intense scene, it did break the tension by being unintentionally funny.

3 “You’re Not Gonna Kiss Me.”

Matt Murdock

After finally getting a sign for their law office, there is an awkward silence between Foggy and Matt, in a lag that would usually indicate a kiss making this line peak comedy as it predicted what the fans were thinking.

Fans might not be aware that Matt Murdock is actually quite a humorous character. In the comics, Matt has both a lighter side and a more edgy side, and while the Daredevil series depicted the latter, fans still got to see a more light-hearted version of Matt in moments like this.

2 “I Have A Practice, So I’m My Own Boss.”

Matt Murdock

While his night job is being Hell’s Kitchen’s vigilante, Matt’s day job is to be the city’s lawyer. This line showcases the fact that Matt goes from protecting people outside the law to protecting people inside the law within a matter of hours.

In this scene in particular, while it might seem like a minor brag on Matt’s part to Claire, it reminds fans of Matt’s true double nature.

1 “You Want The Short Answer Or The Long One?”

Father Lantom

Father Lantom offers excellent advice to Matt throughout the series, advice that, oftentimes, grounds Matt back in reality. In this dialogue directly following Matt’s encounter with Nobu, Matt turns to Father Lantom and asks him if the Devil is truly within each person or specific people.

The fact that the Father was willing to give both a short answer and a long answer proved to Matt and the fans that there is never a straight line one can walk in life which is truly the motto to Matt lives by. He always tries to do the right deed, but sometimes the line between good and bad is blurred, and that’s where Daredevil lives, in the gray area, just as Father Lantom describes.

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