10 Scenes Where Friends Main Characters Would Have Benefited From Wi-Fi & Cellphones

Technology has definitely changed the way we live our lives. Social media technology has made it possible for good friends to know what the other is up to at any time during the day. It has also made it possible to capture the highs and lows of life through photos and videos. Then there are the ramifications technology has had on dating communication. Dating, break-ups, courting – technology has changed all of these things.

One has to wonder how favorite sitcoms, like Friends, would have unfolded, had technology been part of the production mix. Here’s a look at some favorite moments in the show and how they might have unfolded a little differently with smartphones and Wi-Fi on hand.

10 Phoebe’s Lobster Moment

As is the case with all good friends, the cast of Friends often shared intimate moments, discussing ideas and world philosophies. Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) often discussed some of her more outlandish theories with the others, often claiming these to be fact.

In one scene, she tells the others that it’s a known fact that lobsters fall in love and mate for life. Wouldn’t it have helped the gang if they had a smartphone handy, so they could do a quick Google search and check up on Phoebe’s lobster “facts”?

9 Turkey-On-Head Fiasco

This sitcom is filled with many memorable moments, with the gang getting a little crazy at times. Even Monica, who tends to be on the organized side, can act in unexpected ways. In one scene, she puts a turkey on her head, placing sunglasses on the bird to create something of a turkey mask.

This is also the special moment in the series when Chandler tells Monica that he loves her, but wouldn’t it have been great if Rachel or one of the others had had a cellphone handy to capture the over-the-top zealous outburst of Monica’s turkey fiasco and Chandler’s reaction to it?


8 Rachel’s Moment In The Kitchen

One of the great things about cellphone technology is that it allows a person to take photos of absolutely anything. In addition to this, social media platforms then provide that person the platform to display their photos. There’s a growing trend to take photos of one’s food and share them with others via social media. Fans of Friends will remember how Rachel tried to make her own special trifle during a Thanksgiving episode.

This turned into an unusual sweet and savory treat, with beef and raspberries among the many ingredients. Who wouldn’t have loved to see the friends post a photo of this unique feast on Facebook?

7 Chandler’s Horrific Dating Incident

The friends all have their fair share of dates, and this includes Chandler, who is asked on a date by a girl he used to know in fourth grade (played by the beautiful Julia Roberts). His former friend, however, doesn’t have good intentions, and one thing leads to another, with Chandler being undressed by said woman and then left in the bathroom cubicle with no clothes.

It would have really helped him if he would have had a mobile phone on him – not just to send her a quick message to tell her what he really thought of her payback plan, but also to notify his friends of his predicament.

6 Joey’s Moo Point

Those who are really passionate about Friends will remember Joey’s “moo point.” This occured in the episode, “The One Where Chandler Doesn’t Like Dogs” when he explains a “moo point” as something that is as important as a cow’s opinion – inconsequential and not of any importance.

Had technology been more advanced at the time, the friends might have shared Joey’s sentiments with their friends on social media. Surely a comment as great as this one deserves to be shared?

5 “I Got Off The Plane”

Remember the episode, “The Last One,” where Rachel got off the plane headed to her new life and new job to be with Ross? It was a moment colored by heightened emotions, but what a pleasure it would have been for Rachel to have had social media chat services available to her, to let Ross know how she was feeling.

It would possibly have saved a lot of rushing and inconvenience. Still, one could argue that the line, “I got off the plane,” delivered face to face, was much more romantic.

4 “How You Doin’?”

One thing fans will remember best about Friends is Joey’s Casanova line: How you doin’?” This line was used to woo babes and was one of the character’s most endearing sentiments.

Had social media been around, this line probably would’ve been in the predictive text section of Joey’s iPhone and possibly would have had an accompanying emoji, perhaps of a face with a winking eye. What Joey would’ve been able to achieve with this line on Facebook or in chat!

3 Phoebe’s Smelly Cat Performance

Phoebe’s performance of her song Smelly Cat was possibly one of the most iconic moments in the show, with Central Perk being the setting for this magical musical moment. Had social media been what it is today, Phoebe could have posted a clip of her song onto YouTube.

This definitely was a song that audiences could sing to, as it had relatively easy lyrics to remember, and who knows, maybe YouTube might have ensured it reached not just the whole of New York, but perhaps even further, to bring Smelly Cat to international audiences.

2 A Transponster?

There’s a scene in Friends where Rachel and Monica battle to remember just what it is that Chandler does for a living. Eventually, Rachel says that he is a “transponster.”

Monica retorts, telling her that this isn’t even a word.Had the friends had Google handy, they might’ve been able to Google ‘transponster’ to see if the word exists or not. Or they could have merely checked out Chandler’s Facebook page to see if it mentioned what his career was.

1 Wedding Dress Fiasco

There’s a scene in the sitcom where Monica, Rachel and Phoebe try on wedding dresses and relax on the sofa to eat snacks and let their hair down.

It’s such a special moment that a few Instagram snaps would have made for some magical online posts. The three friends made beautiful brides, and the scene would have made such great social media snaps.

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