15 Legendary Pokémon That Could Actually Destroy the World

The Pokémon franchise has grown exponentially since its launch in 1996, with video games, an anime series with movies, and a trading card game, among other merchandise. Most anime fans recognize the theme song – and have randomly sung it in unison. The fad continued with the augmented reality game Pokémon Go, which kept many players glued to their phones during the summer months of 2016. As of November 2016 with the release of Pokémon Sun & Moon, there are 802 Pokémon, including 47 Legendary Pokémon.

According to Bulbapedia, every generation featured at least three Legendary Pokémon, some more powerful than others. We can laugh at the ice cream or garbage-based Pokémon introduced in the later generations, but the legendaries are no joke – they can cause some serious damage. It’s a good thing they mostly stay neutral and distant from the trainers, because if they were riled up enough to want to turn on everyone, it would mean the end of our world.

Thinking of that, here are 15 Legendary Pokémon That Could Actually Destroy The World. These are by no means the “best” Legendary Pokémon, though you can check out that list here – these are simply the ones most capable of causing the most destruction based on their abilities.

15 Solgaleo (Gen VII)

Solgaleo is one of the newest Legendary Pokémon, the game mascot for Pokémon Sun. It may seem easy to dismiss any Gen VII Pokémon because Sun & Moon failed to live up to its hype, but both Solgaleo and cosmic partner Lunala are powerful in their own right and can roll with their predecessors (or at least, hold their own in a battle).

A psychic and steel type, Solgaleo has the Full Metal Body, meaning its stats can’t be reduced by another Pokémon’s move or ability. Solgaleo holds a lot of energy that it could unleash, with devastating effects. Living up to its nickname, this beast could devour the sun, or create an Ultra Wormhole that consumes everything – and nobody would be able to stand against it.

14 Reshiram (Gen V)

This Pokémon Black mascot doesn’t have any evolutions, but with the impressive abilities in its arsenal, it doesn’t need to. Reshiram has the power to change the weather, giving it multiple options for ending the world, be it through tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, or the like. Imagine living in a world where hurricane season was year-round and occurred across the globe – no thanks.

“Legend has it that Reshiram’s flames are capable of incinerating the world itself ” (according to Bulbapedia) – that should be enough to prove its ferocity. Fire would be one of the more destructive ways to end the world. These things should make us glad that Reshiram is a benevolent (and fictional) creature, because some people just want to watch the world burn, and if Reshiram were among them, we’d all be screwed.


13 Lunala (Gen VII)

Get ready to enter the Full Moon phase. The other half of the cosmic duo and the game mascot for Pokémon Moon, Lunala brightens the night sky – which is exactly how it could devastate the world. While not as powerful as its Sun counterpart, this Psychic and Ghost-type possesses its own means to wreak havoc. Like Solgaleo, Lunala could open an Ultra Wormhole that eats everything, or it could absorb all the light and leave the world in eternal darkness. It could also could zap the entire planet with its signature move, Moongeist Beam – and no abilities would do anything to save us.

With abilities like these, at best Lunala is as intimidating as it is shiny, but there would be cause to consider the worst. The Legendaries of Gen VII may not be as “classic” as the ones from the first two generations, but they aren’t skimping on the special abilities. They’re still as powerful as any Legendary should be.

12 Suicune (Gen II)

Suicune represents the rains that quenched the flames of the burning Brass Tower – it could also represent the rains that flood the entire planet in true Old Testament fashion should Suicune ever be provoked too much. If that’s too dramatic, then Suicune could just stop purifying dirty water and let everyone get sick and/or die of thirst. Either too much or not enough water would do enough damage to doom us all.

Suicune could also unleash a Blizzard and/or Sheer Cold, or fire an Aurora Beam to freeze the world over, going miles upon miles beyond Elsa’s accidental ice capade. It would be hard to imagine, though, given how Suicune is known for being a heroic, calm Pokémon. Suicune wouldn’t harm a fly, no matter how capable.

11 Giratina (Gen IV)

The game mascot for Pokémon Platinum, Giratina is known as the Renegade Pokémon, so it may be more inclined to turn on the world and attack – and yes, it is as scary as it looks. Giratina is aggressive and was supposedly banished for being violent, so who’s to say it wouldn’t take its aggression out on the world? Sure, it may be territorial and protective of its home, but this world isn’t its home – Giratina lives in the Distortion World.

If Giratina decided that it had enough of our world, it could blow us all away with its Dragon Breath, which creates a giant tornado and a whirlwind of chaos. Now multiply that by a hundred, given Giratina’s power. Those would not be fun times.

10 Zekrom (Gen V)

Zekrom’s lightning powers were so powerful that it took away Pikachu’s own ability to use electricity in the “In the Shadow of Zekrom!” episode of the Pokémon anime, and it wouldn’t stop there – it could zap the entire world with lightning strikes. After what Zekrom did to poor little Pikachu, it would be easy to see it lash out at the rest of the world.

Zekrom has the power to tip the planet, as it is known for tipping the Unova Pokémon League stage in the 3DS version of Smash 4, which would lead to more disasters. Luckily, Zekrom only strives to help people to build an ideal world, similar to fellow Tao trio member, Reshiram, which means keeping everything intact and not struck by lightning.

9 Ho-Oh (Gen II)

Ho-Oh may seem all sunshine and rainbows for a legendary, searching for a trainer with a pure heart, but if it really wanted to, it could do some very bad things to the world. How does a rain of fire sound? Because that is exactly what Ho-Oh would do. While this would be another case of a Legendary Pokémon starting a huge fire and burning the planet to a crisp, it doesn’t make the thought any less terrifying.

It’s a relief knowing that Ho-Oh is as pure-hearted as the trainer it seeks, so a change of heart would be unlikely unless it was somehow caught and manipulated by Team Rocket, which is even less likely. But hey, after a Sacred Fire comes a rainbow (wait, that’s not how the song goes…).

8 Palkia (Gen IV)

Palkia can control space. Space! Its Spacial Rend attack can rip through any space no matter what or who is occupying it, and it can literally flip our world upside down. We might survive that, only to be shot with beams that will completely fry us. Or, if Palkia really wanted to be evil, it could create a horrible alternate reality to trap us in.

While Palkia, like Giratina, lives in another dimension and typically does its own thing while protecting its home, it often engages in violent combat with its counterpart, Dialga, which could also have damaging effects on their surrounding environment and possibly the rest of the world. Why do Legendary Pokémon struggle to play nice? Hopefully they would know to stop before decimating everything in sight.

7 Entei (Gen II)


Okay, while kidnapping our moms to make them mothers to other kids would be crappy of Entei, it could do so much worse. Entei supposedly represents the flames that burned the Brass Tower, and could easily burn everything else if it felt like it.

In addition to its Fire Spin attack, Entei can set off a volcano just by roaring. Imagine every volcano going off, one by one with every roar – soon everyone would be playing the “floor is lava” game – and losing miserably. With more flames, and molten lava added to the mix, the end of the world would come quicker than a fleet of Unown soaring by. Hopefully Entei would stick to the dream scape, so as not to cause any damage for real.

6 Mewtwo (Gen I)

Mewtwo is one of the more powerful fighters in Super Smash Bros. Melee – no wonder everyone wanted it back for Smash 4. Mewtwo also has two different Mega Evolutions, as well as its Shadow Mewtwo form, seen and fought against in Pokken Tournament.

Having been genetically altered by science, Mewtwo is one of the most intelligent Pokémon, but also one of the most vicious and heartless. We can’t blame it considering the years of trauma it endured from being experimented on, but that doesn’t make it any less fearsome. Given its less than favorable view on humans, Mewtwo would be the most likely to destroy everything. Any of its psychic abilities would deal serious damage, but its signature move, Psystrike, would be the end of everything.

5 Kyogre (Gen III)

A water-type Legendary and the game mascot for Pokemon (Alpha) Sapphire, Kyogre is often seen battling Groudon over natural energy, which disrupted the world until Rayquaza intervened and calmed them down. While Rayquaza would stop them from destroying the world this way, Kyogre has abilities that would enable it to do more damage on its own.

Kyogre has the ability to expand the oceans, which may sound cool in a “parting the sea” kind of way, but it could also spell disaster by bringing the ocean far beyond the shores and raising the sea level. Kyogre could use its weather-changing ability to make the seas even stormier. Kyogre would destroy the world by flooding it with an endless string of tsunamis, wiping everyone out. How would it even rebuild after that?

4 Heatran (Gen IV)

Heatran has an interesting makeup for a Legendary, being the only Pokémon with a Fire and Steel combination, and the only Legendary that can be gendered. Heatran is also the only Legendary Pokémon to have battled competitively with a trainer, having done so in the “An Old Family Blend!” episode of the Pokémon anime.

Heatran embodies the planet’s boiling core, so he/she could tap deep into that core and blow everything up from within. Or, Heatran could set off a series of explosions by using Magma Storm, burning everything to bits. While Heatran may not necessarily start trouble on his/her own, other trainers have used Heatran in battle, so it would be possible for another evil one to take control of him/her for destructive purposes.

3 Legendary Birds (Gen I)

We’re keeping the Legendary Birds – Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres – together because they’re more well-known as a trio than they are individually. Plus, they are often seen in battle together and can do extensive damage with their combined force, provided they don’t turn and start fighting with each other. This would still lead to the destruction of the world, though not the way they intended.

Unless Lugia intervenes, the Legendary Birds would have free rein over the world, and they wouldn’t stop fighting until the world caved in on itself. Individually, Articuno could freeze the world over with a blizzard, or Moltres may want to burn it all instead. Or, Zapdos could, well, zap the world into oblivion. None of these options would be all that great.

2 Yveltal (Gen VI)

Yveltal is the game mascot for Pokémon Y because, well, its body is shaped like the letter Y. How original. But what Yveltal lacks in creativity, it makes up in immense power; power that would eventually kill every living creature to sustain this Dark/Flying-type Legendary. Just when it’s about to die, Yveltal steals the life force out of every living thing around it to stay alive and kicking, while those other creatures end up kicking the bucket.

Yveltal could absorb life energy from every living creature at once to become the last Pokémon on Earth, and after a thousand years of sleep, it would be set for another thousand years to come. That’s a terrifying power for even a Legendary Pokémon to have, not to mention a pretty twisted way for the world to end.

1 Lugia (Gen II)

If you ever played with items on in Smash and picked up a Poké Ball, you always hoped that Lugia would come out. Why? Because Lugia could do the most damage to your opponents, often KOing them if their damage was high enough. One Aeroblast and everyone would be done, and the same would go for the real world if Lugia ever decided to attack.

Lugia could create storms and break down cliffs just by flapping its wings – the world wouldn’t last long with that kind of power. Lugia is a highly intelligent Pokémon, however, so knowing that it could accidentally destroy everything, it chooses to sleep deep underwater in the ocean that it guards – just as long as no Legendary Bird quarrels or anything else wakes it up.

Which Legendary Pokémon do you think is the most capable of destroying the world? Are there any powerful Pokémon not listed? Sound off in the comments!

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