15 Massive Actors Assemble In Stylish Posters For New Movie Amsterdam

The unbelievable ensemble cast of Amsterdam grace a massive set of new character posters. Amsterdam marks the return of David O. Russell (American Hustle) to the director’s chair after his 2015 biopic, Joy, and reunites him with frequent collaborator Christian Bale. Bale stars as Burt, a doctor in the 1930s who becomes a prime suspect in a murder along with two friends (Margot Robbie and John David Washington). The Amsterdam trailer previewed the stacked ensemble cast joining the leading trio.


New character posters released by the official Amsterdam Movie Twitter page now give fans a more detailed look at the incredible cast of the outlandish mystery movie. The character posters include the following: Bale, Robbie, Washington, Robert De Niro, Rami Malek, Anya Taylor-Joy, Taylor Swift, Zoe Saldaña, Michael Shannon, Mike Myers, Alessandro Nivola, Matthias Schoenaerts, Chris Rock, Andrea Riseborough, and Timothy Olyphant. Check out the images below:

15 Images
Margot Robbie in Amsterdam poster
John David Washington in Amsterdam poster
Robert de Niro in Amsterdam poster
Rami Malek in Amsterdam poster
Anya Taylor Joy in Amsterdam poster
Taylor Swift in Amsterdam poster
Zoe Saldana in Amsterdam poster
Michael Shannon in Amsterdam poster
Mike Myers in Amsterdam poster
Alessandro Nivola in Amsterdam poster
Matthias Schoenarts in Amsterdam poster
Chris Rock in Amsterdam poster
Andrea Riseborough in Amsterdam poster
Timothy Olyphant in Amsterdam poster

Not only do the official character posters underscore the impressive star power within Amsterdam’s period setting, but they also emphasize the film’s intriguing personalities. There is Bale’s fantastic character design as the bumbling Burt, along with the chic Swift, Myers’ ambitious enigma Paul, and an offputting Olyphant, among others. Unlike other period comedies, Russell appears to lean heavily into creating unique characters for Amsterdam to deliver a more compelling and memorable project. These posters should also excite prospective viewers about roles beyond the central trio, which promise to flesh out a perplexing murder mystery with undeniable charm and wit.

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