1923 Cast Finally Completes Yellowstone’s 7 Generations

Yellowstone spinoff prequel 1923‘s cast reveals a Dutton from the third generation: Jack Dutton – the grandson of Tim McGraw’s James Dutton from 1883 – finally completing Yellowstone‘s seven generations. Played by indie actor Darren Mann, Jack Dutton is the first character introduced in Taylor Sheridan’s Neo-Western universe who is a member of the third successive generation to own and operate the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. In the context of the original series, Jack Dutton is the grandfather (or great uncle) of Kevin Costner’s John Dutton from Yellowstone.


While the Duttons in Yellowstone season 5 will determine the future of the ranch, the Duttons from 1923 will show viewers what it took for the family to establish the largest contiguous cattle ranch in the country. 1923 is set in arguably the worst decade in the history of Montana, during which the state saw its first tornado, the mass closure of banks, the era of Prohibition, and the Great Depression. Undoubtedly, the 1923 cast will reveal what the earliest generations of the Duttons are truly made of.

The 1923 cast completing Yellowstone‘s seven generations is significant to both understanding the past and predicting the future of the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. Throughout several episodes of Yellowstone and in the 1883 ending, it’s been implied that the Duttons will lose their land after owning it for seven consecutive generations. As the Indigenous man who pointed James Dutton to the future site of the ranch in 1883 said, “in seven generations, my people will rise up and take it back from you,” which prompted James to reply, “in seven generations, you can have it.” In 1923, not much else has been revealed about Darren Mann’s Jack Dutton, but as his arrival essentially completes Yellowstone‘s seven generations, it could also herald the end of the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

Yellowstone Dutton Ranch Family Tree Explained

1883‘s James and Margaret Dutton (Faith Hill) comprise the first generation, while their daughter Elsa (Isabel May) and son John Sr. (Audie Rick) are the second generation. Meanwhile, the 1923 cast’s first-generation Duttons are represented by Cara (Helen Mirren) and James’ brother Jacob (Harrison Ford), the great uncle of John Sr.’s son Jack Dutton – the first third-generation Dutton to be introduced in the “Sheridan-verse.” The 1923 cast was succeeded by Yellowstone’s John Dutton Jr. (Dabney Coleman) – the fourth generation – his son John (Kevin Costner) – the fifth generation – and John’s kids Kayce (Luke Grimes), Beth (Kelly Reilly), and Jamie (Wes Bentley) – the sixth generation. Finally, the only member of the Dutton family’s seventh generation is Kayce and Monica Dutton’s (Kelsey Asbille) son, Tate (Brecken Merrill).

The 1923 cast helps in painting a more complete picture of not just the Dutton family, but also their final fate. Considering how the sole seventh-generation Dutton, Tate, is being raised by two dedicated members of the Confederated Tribes of Broken Rock, there’s mounting evidence that Kayce’s visions in the Yellowstone ending were actually hinting at the end of the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. Moreover, despite 1923 revealing more Duttons from the past, how exactly Jack is related to Yellowstone‘s John Dutton remains a mystery. It’s yet to be revealed whether Jack Dutton is John’s grandfather or great uncle. In fact, there might even be a missing generation between the two. Though it’s clear that Darren Mann’s Jack Dutton is from the third generation, the events in 1923 could reveal that Kayce, Beth, and Jamie are actually from the seventh generation of Duttons. If this is the case, the Duttons really could lose the ranch in Yellowstone season 5.

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