5 Netflix Originals Libra Will Love (& 5 They Will Hate)

Since there are thousands of original series and films on Netflix, it can be difficult to really find what fits your interest and what you will definitely enjoy. For Libras, however, it could be quite easy! Those born between the dates of September 23rd and October 23rd share the same zodiac sign and most likely have similar interests.

The air sign is known for their love of romance, beauty, elegance, humor, and art, of which there happens to be a lot on Netflix. If you are a Libra, here we have listed the top 5 Netflix Originals that you are sure to love and the top 5 that you are sure to hate!

10 Love: The Crown

Libras have a deep love for all things beauty, elegance, and romance, as previously mentioned, which makes the Netflix original series The Crown a perfect fit for them. The series is currently running on three seasons and it follows the life of the young Queen Elizabeth II and gives an inside look at all of the drama and rivalries that she had to go through in order to get to where she is today.

All of the elegant gowns, castle views, and just the right amount of drama definitely make this series a big love for any Libra.

9 Hate: Nailed It!

Messy cakes and imperfect creations are something that would definitely make a Libra’s skin crawl since they are pure perfectionists. The Netflix series Nailed It! is a cooking reality show where home bakers try to recreate Pinterest perfect cakes but usually fail terribly.

But, if they are able to get their creation the closest to the image they are shown they will win a $10,000 prize. Although a Libra would be able to get over looking at a huge hot mess of a cake, it would stick with them throughout the day and just bother them endlessly, making Nailed It! a series that they would hate to no end.


8 Love: Insatiable

The Netflix original series Insatiable follows a bullied teenage girl after she loses a ton of weight and gains interest in beauty pageants in order to get revenge on those who made her life horrible. After she gets a pageant coach, things start to go downhill for her even more than before, making for quite an entertaining ride.

Since Libras carry a ton of self-confidence and are lovers of all things glamor and beauty, a fun series like Insatiable would surely be one that they would love.

7 Hate: Dating Around

Since Libras prefer to stay true to one person who is perfect for them, they are likely to cringe at seeing someone with more than one special someone, which ultimately makes Dating Around a definite no-no for them.

In this Netflix series, viewers follow singles as they go on five different blind dates, and by the end of them all, they decide who is actually good for them and worthy to go on a second date with them. This is definitely not a good pick for a Libra.

6 Love: Dear White People

Libras are lovers of balance and justice, so a Netflix series such as Dear White People is a show that they will love and binge-watch every chance they get. The series follows a group of young adults of color as they attend Winchester University where they have to deal with racism and injustice as they go throughout the school year.

Libras will love the humor and ways that the series is able to fight for justice and balance out the differences in the world.

5 Hate: Dangerous Lies

The Netflix series Dangerous Lies tells the story of a young caregiver as she shockingly inherits her elderly patient’s estate, but she soon learns that there are more dark and twisted things to come out of her newfound life. Just as in the title, the series is full of crazy lies and danger which is something that Libras definitely can’t stand.

Libras prefer things to be straight forward and out in the open instead of being hidden and turned into something much worse than it is, which is exactly why they wouldn’t be too big of a fan of this series.

4 Love: Fuller House

Big lovers of family and keeping close ties to those who you love, like Libras, would absolutely love the Netflix series Fuller House. Given the series is a spin-off of the classic show Full House, but in this series, it follows the girls DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy all grown up as they tackle motherhood and keeping their love life intact as well.

It’s a series that will be able to keep any Libra watching for hours on end.

3 Hate: Lost In Space

For someone who absolutely hates being alone or in an unfamiliar place, a Netflix series like Lost In Space definitely isn’t for them. There is nothing worse than being alone for a Libra, even thinking about being alone or being separated from their normal everyday life can cause some serious stress on them.

Lost In Space follows a family after they land on a foreign alien planet and start to meet strange aliens and have to fight in order to stay alive, all while being separated from each other and learning to fend for themselves.

2 Love: Love Is Blind

In the Netflix series, Love Is Blind, many single men and women who are looking to find love get together and are forced to communicate without even seeing or meeting each other. The series is full of drama and competition, but really any good reality romance series is.

Libras are some of the most headstrong romantics in the world and they love all things love. They could probably even learn some new things about love and communication on this Netflix series and it could ultimately end up becoming their new favorite show.

1 Hate: A Series Of Unfortunate Events

Libras love equality and justice for those who find themselves in bad situations, so Netflix’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events is definitely not for them.

.The series follows the Baudelaire orphans after they lose their parents in a house fire, and then soon after find themselves going through many different adventures which include the death of loved ones and discovering hidden family secrets, all the while being followed by an evil man named Count Olaf who is after their family’s fortune.

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