9 Doctor Who Characters Who Should Join The Avengers

Doctor Who has a long and storied history with Marvel Comics, with the famous comic-book company having previously published the sci-fi series’ official magazine. Across his many comic stories, the legendary Time Lord has encountered the iconic Marvel villain Death’s Head and even visited the Baxter Building.

This fascinating comic-book history suggests plenty of potential for the Doctor’s universe to do a crossover with the MCU. Doctor Who features plenty of powerful characters who could be of valuable assistance to the Avengers, and who could hold their own against some of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s greatest threats.


The Doctor

Through their countless battles with the universe’s biggest foes, the Doctor has become a figure of legend woven across the fabrics of space and time. Their capability to regenerate would prepare this individual well for fighting Marvel’s deadly supervillain roster, with this unbelievably strong power possessing plenty of potential uses.

Regeneration not only allows the Doctor to transform into a new body upon death but it can also be utilized to heal those around them (which could come in useful if their Avengers teammates are injured during a battle). Furthermore, regeneration can also be employed as firepower, adding overwhelming strength against the mightiest villains.

Rose Tyler

During her time as the Doctor’s companion, Rose Tyler wore some of the best outfits. She has also proven to be an unstoppable force within the Whoniverse, with her bravery, determination, and athletic skillset delivering some impressive attributes for a place on the Avengers team.

The two-part adventure “Bad Wolf/The Parting Of The Ways,” in particular, sees Rose at her most powerful, as she turns the entire Dalek army to atoms upon consuming energy from the Time Vortex. Although Rose gave up these abilities in the same story, a part of the “Bad Wolf” entity still lives on within the Moment, meaning Rose could acquire these powers to assist the MCU’s mightiest heroes.

Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart

As the leader of UNIT, the Brigadier is one of the Doctor’s most loyal allies. His many years by the Time Lord’s side have seen him deal with a wide variety of monstrous threats, including the Yeti and the Autons. With his strong leadership qualities, the Brigadier could fulfill a similar role to Nick Fury within the Avengers, as a figurehead of their heroic operations.

The Brigadier holds many years of militaristic experience, meaning he could offer tactical expertise to the vigilante ensemble. Additionally, he has also contended with all manners of weird situations, having visited an anti-matter universe and become embroiled in a temporal paradox, preparing him nicely for the stranger corners of the MCU.

Donna Noble

Hailing from arguably the greatest TARDIS team, Donna Noble is an especially courageous individual. Her steely determination to stand against the universe’s most devious oppressors makes her a perfect fit for the Avengers, who fight in the name of justice.

Donna’s time in the TARDIS features the Chiswick temp developing her own superpowered abilities, as her decision to make contact with the Doctor’s spare hand grants her superhuman intelligence. While Donna’s Time Lord brain has subsequently been concealed, it seems likely that Avengers member Doctor Strange would be able to safely awaken this extraordinary ability, with her incredible knowledge assisting the team well in their battles.


Through her travels with the Doctor’s seventh incarnation, Ace proved to be one of the Time Lord’s most capable companions. Her rebellious streak sees her take on various dastardly foes, such as the Daleks and the Gods of Ragnarok, showing a bold and daring personality that would suit the Avengers team well.

Ace‘s supply of explosives known as “Nitro-9” helps the Doctor defeat various enemies across their adventures together, possessing extremely destructive qualities. The reckless Perivale resident is also the CEO of A Charitable Earth, gifting Ace with considerable wealth (which could be used to fund the Avengers’ many dangerous missions).


As a member of the eponymous Paternoster Gang, Strax has delivered some of the best Sontaran quotes. While his brash and impulsive nature may sometimes lead to the Sontaran becoming a hindrance, Strax also proves to be a valuable ally on many occasions, with skills that could come in handy during Avengers assignments.

As a Sontaran nurse, Strax possesses strong medical knowledge, allowing him to deal with illnesses and injuries which develop on the battlefield. Furthermore, Strax’s Sontaran blaster also grants him considerable firepower, which would allow him to demonstrate some aggressive force against the superhero ensemble’s mightiest opponents.


A close friend of the Doctor’s, Romana shares the same abilities as the legendary Time Lord. However, while the Doctor is unable to control their regeneration process, Romana is in full command of her regenerative powers (which could provide the Avengers with a more reliable ally in battle).

The 1979 serial “Destiny Of The Daleks,” involves Romana trying out various bodies during the regeneration procedure, before settling on her final form. With Romana being able to choose the body she will become, this could prove valuable during espionage missions, as the Time Lord takes on a suitable appearance to break into a secure facility undetected, and locate the intel that the Avengers need.


Dogs can make for the most loyal companion, and K9 proves to be an especially faithful pooch during his time with the Doctor. Exceedingly intelligent and overwhelmingly brave, the robot dog is perhaps tailor-made for a place on the Avengers roster.

One of K9’s most remarkable features is his killer nose, which is capable of shooting laser beams at those who dare to cross his path. This rather deadly attribute has resulted in the demise of many of the Doctor’s most fearsome enemies, including the Krargs and the Krillitanes, and would give the MCU’s biggest villains a true force to be reckoned with.

The Ghost

Real name Grant Gordon, The Ghost is Doctor Who’s closest answer to a Marvel superhero. This dashing vigilante was gifted with several super-powered abilities upon consuming the Hazandra gemstone, making him arguably the greatest candidate for a position on Marvel’s iconic superhero team.

The Ghost’s powers include such impressive attributes as flight and superhuman strength, and these awe-inspiring capabilities allow him to stop the Harmony Shoal’s spaceship from crashing into New York, by taking the entire weight of the spacecraft on his right hand. In addition, Grant has previously smashed a window built to withstand four nuclear explosions with a snap of his fingers, demonstrating his clear potential as an Avengers recruit.

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