90 Day Fiancé: Anfisa’s Estranged Husband Jorge Nava’s Release Date Revealed

90 Day Fiancé alum Jorge Nava, who is currently married to Anfisa Nava, has a date set for his release from prison. The convict has been waiting years for the day he could walk free, even if it means he will be walking out to a divorce from his wife.

Season 4’s 90 Day Fiancé couple Jorge and Anfisa were TLC’S couple that few could resist watching. Their volatile relationship included many fights, yelling, and keying of cars. The couple originally met through Facebook like many other couples, and after Russian-born Anfisa moved to the states – with the help of the K-1 or fiancé visa – was able to marry Jorge and become a legal US citizen. Last year, Jorge was arrested for having 293 pounds of marijuana in his car in Arizona. He was arrested in February of 2018 after being charged with possession of drugs with the intention to sell and was sentenced to spend two-and-a-half years behind bars.


The reality star revealed he was expecting to be released next week from the Arizona prison. Blogger, John Yates announced he had discovered that the TLC star would be set free in early May. The blogger showed that he searched the jail database for the Mexican American inmate whose number was 329992. The expected release date for the Californian is Monday, May 11th, the day after Mother’s Day. Since his arrival in jail, he has lost a mass amount of weight and also worked as a garbage man while behind bars. He’s prepared for his release date by starting his own Instagram account, with the help of his family, which already has over 58k followers, check out his post below:

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Hey everyone, so glad to be on Instagram now to be able to connect with you guys! Praying for everyone that’s being affected by the Coronavirus. I know it’s a tough time for everyone right now. And we’re all going through it. We just have to stay strong and positive and together we will get through it. Stay healthy, stay safe out there. Can’t wait to be with you guys again soon! #tlc #90dayfiance #TMZ #Coronavirus #covid_19 #enews #staytuned #nava #jorgenava

A post shared by Jorge Nava (@_jorgenava__) on Mar 21, 2020 at 8:01pm PDT

Even though the star was arrested on drug charges, he is hoping to get back into the drug industry, legally. Jorge would also like to return to the small screen, and secretly fans are hoping it would be to the TLC network. The couple announced their separation back in March, to no surprise. Anfisa has moved on publicly with a new man, but Jorge could not care less. The reality star expressed that he only wished the new man, Leo Assaf all the luck with his estranged wife.

Sadly, Jorge did confess that Anfisa did not have the guts to tell him personally that she had moved on but had been learning bits of information from his family and the tabloids. Fans think it is for the best that the couple called it quits as many of their episodes showed them involved in heated verbal and physical altercations, which included Anfisa hitting him and keying his car. It seems that Jorge will start a fresh new healthy life of a single and free man.

Source: John Yates, Jorge Nava

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