90 Day Fiancé: Ella Johnson’s Best Outdoor Pics After Weight Loss

Former 90 Day Fiancé franchise star Ella Johnson has lost 25 pounds, and her outdoor photos show how happy she is with her new physique. TLC viewers may remember the 30-year-old reality star from 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 5, appearing alongside Ella’s 90DF beau, Johnny Chao. The couple had a non-existent physical relationship on the show, as they talked only over video calls in hopes of meeting one day. Unfortunately, the pandemic restrictions stopped Johnny from coming to the United States.


When Ella debuted on 90 Day Fiancé, she was facing a few issues. First was the distance between her and Johnny, which was quite difficult for her to handle. Ella also spoke openly about her insecurities regarding her weight, which she’s had since she was a child. During the season, Ella talked about wanting to lose 20 pounds before her Johnny arrived in the U.S. She said,”If I were smaller, I guarantee you that I would be a hot chick, and men would be over me like syrup on pancakes.”

Sadly, Johnny and Ella never meet in person. In September 2022, the 90 Day Fiancé franchise alum revealed she had broken up with Johnny, as she could no longer wait for him to visit her in the U.S. Ella then shared that while she still supports her former partner, her new goal is to focus on herself. In the short Instagram video, Ella also revealed she had successfully lost 25 pounds.

90DF‘s Ella Johnson Attends An Outdoor Wedding

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Ella has been showing off her new figure in outdoor pictures over the past few months. Recently, she attended an outdoor wedding while wearing a stunning blue gown. In the post, Ella is seen enjoying her time surrounded by nature. She looked happy in the photo and captioned the Instagram post, “Perfect day is all I can say!!” 90 Day Fiancé fans love Ella’s dress and praised her beauty in the comment section.

90DF‘s Ella Johnson Goes To A Farm

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Another one of Ella’s outdoor photos is of her at a farm. In the post, the Idaho native wore a beautiful long dress with a flower pattern while standing in the middle of two cows. She wore pink boots and flashed a big smile to the camera. Ella captioned her post, “I love fair time!!! Did any of you participate in FFA,” which stands for Future Farmers of America. Fans praised the former 90 Day Fiancé cast member and left her compliments such as,”You look beautiful,” and “Nice picture! I love your dress!“

90DF‘s Ella Johnson Goes Camping

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In July, Ella shared a picture of herself with friends by a lake with mountains in the backdrop. Ella wrote in the caption, “Great week of camping!!!!” and felt grateful that she could spend the time with those closest to her. Ella, who 90DF fans think is getting married, shared she had an awesome week during her outdoor adventures while sporting a red swimwear outfit with a pink robe. An Instagram user wrote, “Looking absolutely beautiful.” Another user commented, “Omg you are so pretty.” 90 Day Fiancé fans may have despised Ella on the show, but they are truly happy and inspired to see her move on with her life.

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