90 Day Fiancé: Libby & Her Sisters Called Out For Awkward Group Photo

The Potthast family drama has continued on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, but viewers are now taking their criticism to social media to come for sisters Libby, Becky, and Jenn. 90 Day Fiancé couple Libby and Andrei Castravet have been at the center of the never-ending drama between Andrei and Libby’s family. This has led to criticism for the couple, though even more viewers dislike Libby and her dramatic family. Comments also had criticisms to note after the three sisters shared an uncomfortable-looking photo to social media following their televised drama.

Libby’s siblings have been locked in seasons of drama against Andrei. This season, Charlie, Becky, and Jenn are suspicious that Andrei is trying to threaten their income by moving in on the family house flipping business. The siblings are highly skeptical of Andrei’s relationship with their father, Chuck, and don’t want Libby’s husband to profit off of the family business. Becky recently instigated more drama by “accidentally” letting it slip that Libby had hired a babysitter behind Andrei’s back. This led to Andrei and Libby arguing, while Jenn and Becky were unsurprisingly standing nearby to witness the blowout. However, the sisters appear to get along far better on social media than they do on TLC content.


One viewer shared a social media photo of Libby, Becky, and Jenn to Reddit. The image featured the three sisters posing together at a group dinner, though none of them appeared fully comfortable or natural with their stances. “Why is Libby’s head floating away from her body??” the original poster asked. Commenters debated if the picture was a mixture of photo editing or if the sisters were sucking in and standing awkwardly. “Because she’s trying so hard to give us sexy…..even though we didn’t ask for it,” one viewer wrote about Libby. Libby has been accused of trying to act seductively in the past, though her poses are often not well-received by viewers. “She’s the most awkward, unsexy person ever,” another commenter declared.

Overall, viewers agreed that it wasn’t the most flattering shot of the Potthast sisters. “Definitely Chuck with a wig hanging out with his two least favorite girls,” one critic wrote. Happily Ever After viewers have pointed out how much Chuck looks like his children, especially Libby. Others observed the unflattering cut of Libby’s shirt and the way the sisters appeared to be avoiding breathing for the camera. “Jen is waiting for the picture to be taken so she can breathe,” another commenter pointed out. Viewers have also expressed that the sisters need help with their styling. In addition to their often unflattering clothing choices, they also turn to crimped hair as a go-to style. However, some viewers believe the photo was also edited. “I think they photoshopped themselves too skinny,” one commenter observed.

While the sisters might appear uncomfortable because they were trying to pose, one thing that stood out was how they appeared to be getting along. Viewers believe the Potthast family is faking their drama because they always appear happy together on social media. Fans have speculated that they script their plot lines and exaggerate their issues in an attempt to gain their own spin-off show. Some commenters even speculated that the photo of the three sisters could have been taken on set for their rumored spin-off show. However, many 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? viewers would be delighted to never see the family on-screen again.

Source: Reddit

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