90 Day Fiancé: Why Big Ed Brown’s Lookalike Plushy Is Raising Eyebrows

Big Ed Brown from 90 Day: The Single Life has created a buzz after sharing that he has a toy that looks just like him. As TLC viewers know, Big Ed has never been averse to slapping his name on a product and trying to make a few bucks from it. Now, the star has ventured into the world of collectible plushies, and he’s hoping to make an impact.

Big Ed offers a slew of items via his website. Fans can find everything from t-shirts and dresses to cups. There are even reusable shopping bags that claim Big Ed is a spirit animal. There is also a mouse pad for sale. Most of his items seem to be the flavor of the week, but Big Ed may be making a small fortune off of his merchandise. Now, Big Ed is going one step further by offering a whimsical toy with an unusual accessory.


Just this week, Big Ed took to his social media to share the newest addition to his merchandise line – a plush lookalike toy. The toy is limited edition and comes with a plushy side jar of “mayo.” According to Big Ed’s Instagram post from six days ago, the product would be available at Thisisbiged.com for 16 more days, so fans still have 10 days to access the toy. According to his site, the small Big Ed toy is waiting to sit on any fans’ shelf or relax on their desk. The 90DF reality icon Big Ed, who is now with Liz Woods, considers the product essential. The miniature Big Ed is made from ultrasoft fleece and stuffed with polypropylene cotton. Each toy will be tagged to show exactly how many were created for sale, and some come with a drawstring bag. Check out Big Ed’s toy below:

Followers took to the comment section to note that they were surprised that 45 of the dolls had been sold at the time of posting, with one fan revealing that they would use it as a “dog toy.” Others joked that he had to create pseudonyms so he could buy them all up himself. However, the worst comment came towards the end, with one crass follower tastelessly writing, “that’s so terrible I think you gave me cancer….” At this stage, there don’t seem to be many people who want to acquire the plushy made in his likeness.

Since Big Ed’s assault allegations came to light, along with leaked audio which showed him yelling at Liz Woods, 90 Day: The Single Life fans have found it hard to support the photographer and his ventures. Big Ed will continue to shamelessly plug himself and stick his name on products just to make a buck, whether people buy them or not. Big Ed has an upcoming wedding to pay for, and he knows he will need plush toy profits to cover expenses.

Source: Big Ed Brown/Instagram

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