Adorable Apocalypse Game Wanderlost Announces Kickstarter Campaign

Recently, developer Eli Segal and publisher Crytivo launched a Kickstarter for Wanderlost, the adorable 16-bit apocalypse game that bears a few striking similarities to Klei’s Don’t Starve. One major difference between Wanderlost and Don’t Starve, and other apocalyptic adventures, lies in the overall tone.

Where games revolving around survival usually boast grim overtones, the Crytivo-published title emphasizes vibrant colors, hope even, as it depicts a world that may eventually return to form. Overcoming the elements and roaming enemies will still prove a challenge for the protagonist Bub, however. Players must guide Bub along as he tries to survive a “deceptively adorable world” bursting with deadly zombies and unfriendly wildlife. The procedurally generated wilderness demands the character use his skills to gather the resources necessary for building a home base, gardens, smokers, weapons, and anything else that will allow him to brave the elements and overcome the odds.


Wanderlost is the latest survival game to land on Kickstarter (via Hardcore Gamer), with developer Eli Segal asking for $35,000 of support for a full Steam launch. Classified as an “all or nothing” project, the adorable adventure will only be funded if its goal is achieved within the next 29 days. The Kickstarter is already off to a promising start since, as of writing, more than 500 backers have pledged a combined $19,400. As noted on the Kickstarter page’s roadmap, pre-alpha will begin this July with a targeted release set for late 2022 if all goes as planned. Should the project manage to accumulate more than $35,000 of support, a $45,000 stretch goal will see pets added to the experience. A stretch goal worth $70,000 means console releases are on the table.

The Kickstarter support for Wanderlost, thus far, indicates it could at least reach its initial funding goal for a Steam release. With nearly a month left on the countdown clock, those interested in the charming survival title have ample time to their support.

Crytivo and Eli Segal originally unveiled the “cutest survival game” in April with an announcement trailer. Wanderlost hasn’t held the spotlight much since then, but news of a Kickstarter campaign is bound to pique the interest of many who previously had their eye on the colorful little world.

Wanderlost may release on Steam in late 2022 if the Kickstarter funding goal is met.

Source: Crytivo, Kickstarter via Hardcore Gamer

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