Alaskan Bush People: Ami’s Interview With Police After Billy’s Death Explained

Alaskan Bush People‘s fans learned that Ami was interviewed by the local police after her husband Billy’s death, and viewers wonder why. The news comes a week after the father of six passed away.

The family is still mourning the death of the patriarch and, for the most part, has been very tight-lipped about the loss. Discovery Channel’s Alaskan Bush People patriarch Billy Brown passed away on February 7 and was widely considered the series’s heart and soul since it was always his dream to live a free man away from the local and federal government.  The popular show shared with viewers his dream of living a self-sustainable lifestyle. While many at first found this lifestyle challenging over the years, fans grew to love their way of life, even their own dialect. While the family loved Alaska but were forced to move to Washington State, where they finally could own their own mountain.


According to The Sun, Ami was called into questioning soon after Billy died on February 7. After the fatal seizure took the life of the 68-year-old, Ami and Billy’s son Gabe Brown were called into the station to answer some difficult questions. According to the investigator, he spoke with Amora Brown and offered his condolences. The report obtained by the outlet showed that the officer needed to get more information about Billy and his medical background. The investigator also noted that he was able to speak to Gabe, who is 31, and he confirmed the same health issues Billy had prior to his passing.

It was then that the corner arrived at the scene, and the deputy was able to relay the information. The coroner also took away Billy’s prescription medication. The outlet also revealed that a production crew member was the one who called 911 after Bear Brown got in touch, telling the crew that his father was “not breathing.” Apparently, Bear tried to call 911 but couldn’t get through. The report stated he was pronounced dead after not responding to CPR.

Fans of Alaskan Bush People were saddened to learn that the patriarch didn’t pull through. The report stated he was surrounded by his entire family and three crew members. A medical helicopter was also called, but medics and fire were already on the scene an hour and a half before. There was no sign of any suspicious or criminal activity.

Source: The Sun

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