American Horror Story: 10 Villains Who Are Scarier Than Any Movie Monster

American Horror Story is an immensely popular horror anthology series created by Ryan Murphy that has been airing on FX for almost ten years now. The series has just kicked off its latest season, AHS: 1984, which will be based on slashers.

Between serial killers, witches, serial killer clowns, and demons, American Horror Story has no shortage of freaky beings and antagonists. We’re looking back at some of the other vile and terrifying villains from the series. Here are ten you wouldn’t want to cross and who might just be even more horrifying than any movie monster.

10 Twisty the Clown

The story of Twisty the Clown is a sad one as he is somewhat misunderstood. However, that doesn’t make him any less horrifying. Early on, Twisty was a pretty happy clown until other circus workers spread a rumor he was a child molester.

Pushed to suicide, Twisty tried to shoot himself in the head but only succeeded in shooting off his lower jaw. He wears a fake and terrifying prosthetic mask to cover up his facial disfigurement. Twisty lurks the woods and steals kids away to “save” them from their parents. Even though he doesn’t wind up being the true villain of Freak Show, it doesn’t make him any less creepy.

9 The Rubber Man

In the first season of American Horror Story, the Harmon family is haunted by a plethora of ghosts and creatures at the infamous Murder House. Perhaps worst of all is the Rubber Man. The Rubber Man is someone dressed in a black latex outfit and they rape Vivian Harmon in addition to murdering several others.

We find out later that the Rubber Man is none other than Tate Langdon, a true monster. Not only did Tate carry out a school shooting, but he continued his horrific ways by creating his Rubber Man alter-ego, despite the fact he was dating and in love with Vivan’s daughter, Violet.

8 James March

Played by Evan Peters, James March is a depraved and sadistic serial killer. He created Hotel Cortez as an outlet and way to create increasingly theatrical and twisted methods of murdering his victims. March is based on the infamous serial killer, H.H. Holmes.

Holmes was known for his own hotel creation where he orchestrated terrible murders with secret rooms and torture chambers. March also brutalized his victims in sexual ways in addition to physical and mental.

7 The Addiction Demon

The Addiction Demon is present in the fifth season of American Horror Story, known as Hotel. It is a strange figure that roams Hotel Cortez, supposedly brought to life by all the drug addicts that use the hotel as a drug den to shoot up.

The Addiction Demon may actually be one of the most horrific and disgusting villains ever presented on the show. To stay alive, the demon has to feed on people and it does so through sexual violence. It wears a cone-shaped drill strap-on and brutally rapes its victims. The scenes involving the Addiction Demon were often hard to watch.

6 Spalding

Spalding is the long-time butler at the Academy in Coven. He has is mute because of an enchantment placed upon him. Spalding is portrayed by Denis O’Hare. He will make your skin crawl.

Spalding is known for his weird collection of dolls which becomes even stranger when we learn he is now collecting “living dolls.” Madison winds up becoming one of his living dolls by the end of the season and it is heavily implied Spalding uses them sexually too.

5 Bloody Face

The original Bloody Face is also the most frightening. He is a serial killer that is first introduced in season two, Asylum. Bloody Face is active during the ’60s, although later in the series there are Bloody Face copycats. He makes an impact on the world as his reign lives on even after his death.

We discover in Asylum that Bloody Face is none other than Oliver Thredson. Initially, Thredson seems like a nice and normal doctor but that soon takes a dark turn. Bloody Face/Thredson is desperately seeking out maternal affection and any woman who doesn’t meet his high standards he skins and uses as his new masks.

4 Dr. Arden

Considering Dr. Arden was a confirmed Nazi, it’s not surprising that he was one of the most diabolical characters of the entire series. Arden ran the Asylum but he had no real care for his patients.

Instead, he would conduct horrific experiments on them. He cut off their body parts, sewed new parts on, and in general treated everyone terribly. Arden was sadistic, cruel, and arguably on par with Bloody Face in terms of all the harm he committed.

3 The Butcher

Not only is the Butcher the main antagonist of season six but she also looks disgusting with diseased and rotting flesh. She is the leader of the colony in season six and brutally murders anyone that gets in her way.

She has no qualms with viciously taking people apart by any means necessary. Kathy Bates portrays her in the documentary version of the character.

2 Dandy Mott

Dandy becomes the protege of serial killer Twisty the Clown. He and Twisty form a bond. Dandy has always felt a kinship with those who consider themselves outliers. He wants to become part of the troupe at the freak show.

Dandy slowly descends more and more into madness and becomes increasingly cruel and murderous. After Twisty is taken down by Edward, Dandy takes up the mask and goes on a murderous rampage. He murders most of the freak show troupe.

1 Delphine LaLaurie

LaLaurie is actually based on the real-life New Orleans woman. She is a character in season three of the series, Coven, and portrayed by Kathy Bates. LaLaurie is one of the vilest characters in the entire series. Not only is she violently racist, but she tortures and murders black slaves.

There are several graphic scenes showing exactly how terrible LaLaurie is. While on the show, her powers are lessened because she is revived and neutered by Fiona. However, it doesn’t mean the things she did in the past aren’t horrifying.

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