Among Us Impostor’s Terrifying Origin Shown In 3D Short Film Sequel

3D Print Guy has done it again, with a masterful short horror film based on Among Us, revealing his own version of the lore behind the terrifying alien origins of the game’s Impostors. The prequel to 3D Print Guy’s original Among Us fan video, which has amassed over 6 million views in the month since its release, delves into the story of how the Impostor managed to make its way onto the crewmates’ ship and instigate its reign of McCarthyist terror.

After Among Us unexpectedly exploded into popularity earlier this year, the internet has been inundated with various fan-made homages and tributes to the indie title, ranging from mods, baked goods, and traditional Japanese-style fan art. 3D adaptations of Among Us’s cartoonish style have also gained some traction, but (with a few stand-out exceptions) most of the fan art has kept true to the game’s simple, lighthearted feel.


3D Print Guy’s series, however, takes a much darker turn. His original short film, painstakingly crafted in wonderfully detailed CGI, focuses instead on the fact that players brutally kill each other throughout the game in the pursuit of truth or victory. The crewmates in 3D Print Guy’s film are still recognizable, albeit more detailed and mechanical, while the Impostor is a visceral, alien creature that looks like something straight out of H.R. Giger’s high school sketchbook. 3D Print Guy’s follow-up video about the origin of the Impostor as a result seems to draw heavy inspiration from the Alien franchise, with a dash of The Thing thrown in for good measure, as seen below:

It’s definitely a much darker take on the game than, say, a cheesy sitcom parody, but what’s really noteworthy about 3D Print Guy’s work – apart from his amazing attention to detail – is how the cinematography keeps viewers at the edge of their seats from beginning to end. The last scene with a wrongfully accused crewmate being jettisoned from the airlock actually manages to tug at the heartstrings a bit. Players might be a little more (or less) hesitant about sending other players to their deaths after giving this film a view.

Among Us was never a game that was meant to be taken particularly seriously – up until recently, it’s had no real plot, no characterization, and no development. It’s never needed those things since it’s a fun sleuthing game to play with friends. But its simplicity is what makes it versatile, which is why there’s been such a wide breadth and depth of fan creations surrounding it. Most of it focuses on the lighthearted fun of the game, but 3D Print Guy very effectively explores the game’s darker sci-fi horror themes.

Among Us is available on Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android, and it will launch on Xbox consoles in 2021.

Source: 3D Print Guy

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