Aragami 2: Best Things to Do After Beating The Game

Being a third-person stealth game, Aragami 2 will have players sneaking around as ninjas with shadow manipulation powers. Tasked with protecting the Rashomon Valley from invaders, players will find themselves sent to complete a variety of missions as they try to figure out more about the Aragami themselves.

Players who beat Aragami 2‘s 12+ hour campaign may want some extra content. Even though there is no actual new game plus in the game, there are still some post-endgame activities that can be accomplished.

From standard assassinations to disrupting supply lines, the game’s main story ends after the player enters the Woods of Memory and defeats Tsubuyaku. But completing the main story doesn’t necessarily mean the player should shelve the game. Instead, players should try some of the things listed below to get their full money’s worth.


Aragami 2 End-Game Content

Get an S-Rank on Every Mission: Completing a mission is fine but performing a mission with the maximum amount of efficiency can be a worthwhile goal. While the methodology to complete each mission may change depending on playstyle, it is a good idea to keep respawns and body discovery as low as possible while also trying to complete the mission as quickly as possible. Provided the player does everything right, they can repeatedly get S-ranks on missions long enough to get the prestigious “Master Ninja” achievement.

Try Different Playstyles: The game acknowledges 3 different playstyles: Demon, Spirit, and Ghost. In more simplistic terms they can be better identified as a pacifist run (spirit), a violent run (demon), or a stealthy killer run (ghost). For players who want to shake things up, playing with a different playstyle in mind can keep the game from running stale. It can result in the player having to think up new strategies, find new hiding places, and generally change how they approach certain situations. Playing with a certain playstyle in mind can also result in the player unlocking certain achievements like “Soul Reaver” and “Sleeping on the Job”, which require the player to kill or knock out a certain number of enemies.

Find Collectibles and Blueprints: Tangible in-game rewards can provide an additional incentive to play longer and Aragami 2 is no different in that regard. Be it a dye color or a new armor blueprint, replaying missions to find undiscovered nooks and crannies can be a very rewarding pastime. But it gets even better when it results in the player getting some additional customization options to make the player character look even cooler.

Play with Others: Isn’t everything better with friends? The game apparently thinks so, as players can invite up to two other people to accompany them on their missions. Designate roles, try different strategies, or even just run around without a strategy; if it can add a bit of fun there is no reason not to try it out. What’s important is having fun, and learning how to approach mission maps with multiple people can accomplish that.

Aragami 2 is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC

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