Bachelor: What Happened To Villain ‘Queen’ Victoria Larson After Show

Queen Victoria Larson caused quite a stir during Matt James’ season of The Bachelor. She was accused of being a bully and for creating a toxic environment in the house. Consequently, like most people who are at the center of drama in The Bachelor, she was sent home. Ever since then, Queen Victoria has defended herself against Matt’s friends’ body-shaming her, has remained focused on herself and her wellness business. Now, the real question is: has she retired her crown, or not?

When Victoria bounded onto Matt’s season of The Bachelor, she was waved off by many fans as a gimmick, and many Bachelor Nation fans did not think that she would last long. However, she lasted far longer than viewers suspected. When Katie brought up Victoria’s action and behavior to Matt’s attention, it began the deterioration of her reign on the show. After that, Matt sent Victoria home.


Now, it seems that Queen Victoria is simply enjoying her life on social media, and her Instagram is proof. She has been posting daring bikini photos and promoting her spray tanning business. She seems incredibly passionate and, on her website, stated she “wanted to create a product line for everyone, everywhere.” Victoria appears to be passionate about health, and if any fans of the show are interested, she offers a health coaching session for $250. Along with that, the other products on her website include a birthday shoutout for $125, and a 14-day-plan to achieve your health goals for $485. She got her certification for Integrative Nutrition through NYU, hence her passion for health and wellness.

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Aside from her business Victoria has also been focused on living life, having fun, and hanging out with her friends. Considering the way she left on the show, she needs to be around people who understand and love her, considering that getting dumped on national television is not easy. However, she seems to be taking everything in stride. She has even changed her hair from the brunette look viewers met her with to a sunshine blonde. Overall, she looks happy and healthy, which is what is most important.

With The Bachelor now over, it will be interesting to see if Victoria will appear on future seasons of the Bachelor In Paradise spin-off. If she does get cast, the fans will be curious to see what drama she will stir up on the show again.

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