Bachelorette: The Filming Order Of Michelle’s Fantasy Suite Dates

The order of Michelle Young’s fantasy suites on The Bachelorette may have revealed which suitor she’s leaning towards. Early in season 13, Michelle had to weed out some bad apples but narrowed them down to highly qualified candidates. Fans were sorry to see Rodney Mathews go home the week before The Men Tell All. However, Rodney said he’d always be “Team Michelle” and she said she’d always be “Team Rodney.”

The three finalists are notably different. Michelle gets something different from each of them. She initially connected with Joe Coleman through their shared Midwestern roots and love for basketball. Nayte Olukoya designated himself a front runner early on, to the dismay of his costars. However, Michelle did seem the most smitten with Nayte at many points and was regularly overwhelmed by their physical chemistry. Last but not least is Brandon Jones. Brandon kept winning Michelle over with his humor and big heart. Michelle frequently noted that she could easily see Brandon as her best friend, and there’s no one she laughed with more.


When it came to the fantasy suites order, the men had ideas about what the lineup might mean. First up was Brandon. He and Michelle rode horses through the ocean before culminating the night in a hot tub, a call back to their awkward run-in with Michelle’s parents at their home’s bubbling oasis. Next up was Joe, always sweet and subtle. Joe took strides to open up more than ever to Michelle. The couple went zip-lining high above the lush jungle canopies and had an awkward feeding session with some rowdy horses. Third, in the lineup was Nayte. Michelle planned a yacht day for Nayte, and arguably one of her best looks all season. As Nayte strolled down the dock, she waved him down from the helm of the approaching ship in a flowing white, cotton beach cover-up.

Nayte suggested to Brandon that she had been saving the best for last. Brandon wasn’t so sure. However, when all three men returned from their dates, each as smitten as the last, Brandon got nervous. Ultimately, both men had no need to sweat, not that Nayte ever does. At the rose ceremony, Michelle left Joe without a flower. Joe’s departure was emotional, the hurt and shock plain on his face. Michelle was confident in the decision but broke down after he left. Michelle did give Nayte his rose before Brandon, indicating some preferential treatment from the endlessly nurturing teacher.

Michelle had eyes for Nayte but wasn’t sure he was ready for an engagement. To many fans, Nayte has consistently emoted player energy. His assertion about the fantasy suites order was yet another incident of overconfidence. When his family shared that he’d never been in a serious relationship, they all but confirmed this assumption. With a lack of a roadmap for commitment, Nayte may bring the charisma but not the maturity necessary for marriage. Brandon, on the other hand, always made Michelle feel safe. He’s also approached the season with humble ease, the foil to Nayte’s cocky demeanor. Michelle may have imagined a life with Nayte for most of The Bachelorette, but the guy she always called best friend material might swoop in for the win.

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8pm EST on ABC.

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