Best Original Shows From Streaming Services, Ranked (According To Rotten Tomatoes)

Content Warning: This article contains discussions/references to sexual violence and trauma.

There are plenty of different streaming services available for fans to check out nowadays, and while they all often bring great shows from outside, they now all put together their own content as well. Every streaming service knows the importance of creating competing television shows that fans can binge on a regular basis, and that is exactly what has happened.

Whether it be content on Disney+, Netflix, or Amazon, there are some terrific television shows now that have audiences hooked right from the start. With big-name actors often getting involved in the projects not, there have been some amazing shows. But which has been the best according to Rotten Tomatoes?

10 Bosch – 97% (Amazon)

Bosch is an exciting show that brings action and tension throughout every season. It follows Harry Bosch, who is a homicide detective in Los Angeles and he is someone with a ruthless streak that will never give up on anything, no matter what.

After a 13-year-old child is killed, he sets out on a pursuit to find out exactly who is responsible, refusing to let it go until he manages it. However, his own personal life is complicated enough, being on trial at the same time himself, which brings plenty of tension within him.

9 Unbelievable – 98% (Netflix)

Influenced by Ken Armstrong and T.J. Miller’s Pulitzer-prize winning article “An Unbelievable Story About Rape,” the true-crime dramatization follows two female detectives, who try to bring a young woman’s perpetrator to justice after she reports her assault to the police.

With the show engaging with several sensitive themes, many praised the writers and cast for handling the storyline in a responsible manner, stating how the show “transcends familiar true-crime beats by shifting its gaze towards the survivors of abuse, telling their stories with grace and gravity.”


8 Catastrophe – 98% (Amazon)

Catastrophe was a show that proved to be fantastic for Amazon, with this being a great comedy that audiences grew to love. The show takes a look at life in general, from marriage to being parents, and it brings all of the dark humor to the forefront.

The series follows a couple that ends up having an unplanned pregnancy, which takes their casual relationship into something far more serious. However, that is what makes the show relatable for many, and the ups and downs that come with their lives end up being a lot of fun.

7 American Vandal – 98% (Netflix)

American Vandal is a hilarious take on the classic documentaries, with this show having a fun twist. Documentary shows have proven to be a real hit in recent years, and this is a spoof of that, with the situation taking place at high school, where several characters work together to try and resolve mysteries unfolding there.

However, the subjects of the documentaries aren’t serious at all, which is what helps to make the show so funny. The fact that the characters involved take everything in a serious manner helps to make this so great though, with a lot of fun humor that appeals to teenagers and adults alike.

6 Big Mouth – 99% (Netflix)

When it comes to animation shows that are for adults, there are few more popular than Big Mouth. This series has proven to be a huge hit, focusing primarily on Andrew as he tries to grow up, dealing with all the usual issues that come with a teenager.

The series has some amazing adult humor that always has its audiences laughing, with a wide variety of characters that all have fantastic personalities. It’s a great show that has become a staple for Netflix, with the Rotten Tomatoes score proving why.

5 Crazyhead – 100% (Netflix)

With a 100% rating, Crazyhead has gone down as one of Netflix’s greatest ever shows. The series brings both comedy and a supernatural element, which makes it quite a unique story. It brings Amy and Raquel together as two friends who have supernatural twists.

With Amy being able to see different ghosts and ghouls and Raquel teaching herself to become a demon-hunter via the internet, the two then end up together facing off against a variety of demons in what is a hilarious show at times.

4 Blood Of Zeus – 100% (Netflix)

Blood Of Zeus might be an animated series, but it’s one that is actually geared towards adult audiences. This show is all about Greek mythology, focusing on Zeus’ illegitimate son, who learns his true lineage. Despite the fact he is a regular person and not a God, his life ends up turning upside down.

The focus comes on having to defeat the evil that threatens the world, which ends up creating an excellent adventure series. There’s plenty of battles throughout the series, and seeing him grow from a nobody to a powerful figure in Greece is an excellent story to follow along.

3 The Imagineering Story – 100% (Disney+)

Disney+ has brought out an excellent range of shows, featuring characters from the MCU and Star Wars. However, it is actually The Imagineering Story that is the highest rated by Rotten Tomatoes. This documentary series is one that takes a detailed look behind the scenes in the various Disney theme parks all around the world.

It showcases the effort that has to be placed into all the small details in order to make the parks function in the manner that they do. It has a lot of interesting behind-the-scenes content that really makes the show a lot of to watch for any diehard Disney fan.

2 Dash & Lily – 100% (Netflix)

Dash & Lily is another Netflix original series that has a perfect 100% record on Rotten Tomatoes. With just one series so far, this show provides a quick eight episodes that fans can fly through and will enjoy every moment of, with this fun holiday show being great fun.

This is a romantic story all set around Christmas time, with Dash and Lily being complete opposites in terms of their behavior. Lily is a dreamer, which isn’t the case for Dash, yet throughout the show, they learn that they actually have things in common as they push each other in a set of dares.

1 The Baby-Sitters Club – 100% (Netflix)

Another new series that has a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes is The Baby-Sitters Club. This show is a modern twist on the original series from 1995, and it has proven to be just as popular. The show follows a group of girls as they look to build their own business where they become babysitters.

The show has got a lot of comedy in it which keeps everybody entertained, with the friendship and dynamic between the main group being enjoyable to watch unfold. It’s something that brings a great vibe and with a lot of fun to be had in watching this one.

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