Beverly Hills Cop 4 Rosewood Return Teased By Actor

Actor Judge Reinhold teases the return of Detective Billy Rosewood in the upcoming Beverly Hills Cop 4. Released in 1984, the first film in the franchise was a major hit, introducing audiences to Eddie Murphy’s Axel Foley, a Detroit cop. Beverly Hills Cop follows Foley as he travels from Detroit to Beverly Hills to solve the murder of his close friend, teaming up with Reinhold’s Rosewood and John Ashton’s Taggart to crack the case. Beverly Hills Cop performed well enough at the box office to earn two sequels, released in 1987 and 1994, with the latter ultimately proving a disappointment both critically and financially.


Despite Beverly Hills Cop III failing to meet expectations, a fourth film in the franchise has long been in the works. Plot details for Beverly Hills Cop 4, which is now officially titled Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley, are unknown, but filming for the sequel is currently underway. It was recently revealed that, in addition to Murphy, the upcoming film will feature performances from Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Paul Reiser, and Taylour Paige. Set photos from Beverly Hills Cop 4have already shown Murphy’s return as Foley, but also revealed that Reinhold and Ashton would seemingly be returning as Rosewood and Taggart.

In a new post on Twitter, Reinhold teased his return to the Beverly Hills Cop franchise with several new images. The caption reads, “California dreaming,” affirming the film’s California setting, with the photos showing off Rosewood’s Beverly Hills Police Department badge and a picture of Reinhold looking ready for action in a pair of shades and a colorful Hawaiian shirt. Check out Reinhold’s post below:

With set photos from Beverly Hills Cop 4 already giving away that Rosewood and Taggart would return, Reinhold’s latest post suggests that the character will still be serving as a police officer in some capacity. This bodes well for fans who are hoping that Foley’s two sidekicks will serve as supporting characters in Beverly Hills Cop 4 rather than just appearing for quick cameos. Although Murphy’s Foley is clearly the star of the show in all of the Beverly HillsCop films, both Rosewood and Taggart quickly became fan favorites, with Rosewood, in particular, becoming something of a Rambo-style action hero in Beverly Hills Cop II.

After appearing without Taggart in Beverly Hills Cop 3, who was said to have moved to Phoenix and retired, it remains to be seen whether Reinhold and Ashton can recapture the same chemistry they had in the first two films. Foley, Rosewood, and Taggart will obviously be a lot older in the upcoming Beverly Hills Cop 4 and it’s currently unclear whether Rosewood has emerged from possible retirement or if he will be acting as a more superior office on the force. With filming now well underway, it’s likely that fans of the franchise will get additional teases and set pictures in the weeks and months to come.

Source: Judge Reinhold/ Twitter

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