Big Brother 24: Michael Bruner Reveals His Proudest Moment

Evicted Big Brother season 24 houseguest Michael Bruner had a record-breaking run on the reality competition series, but he chose a different move as his proudest moment in the game. Michael broke Janelle Pierzina’s single-season veto record, which stood for 16 years. In 2006, during Big Brother 7, the first all-stars season, Janelle won five vetoes and became the “Veto Queen.” During Big Brother 24, Michael won six vetoes, breaking Janelle’s record of five. This record had previously been shared with Daniele Donato (season 8), Paul Abrahamian (season 19), and Kaycee Clark (season 20), who had tied her. Michael also tied Janelle’s overall wins record of nine combined Head of Household (HOH) and Power of Veto competitions.


During Big Brother 24, Michael was HOH three times in weeks 5, 7 and 9. In week 5, he won the OTEV Power of Veto competition and used it to save his initial nominations–Festie Besties Terrance Higgins, Joseph Abdin and Monte Taylor–from eviction. He replaced them with Daniel Durston and Kyle Capener, and backdoored Daniel from the Big Brother competition. When he nominated Daniel, he made a scathing speech in which he told Daniel that perhaps he could use the opportunity to apologize for his transgressions in the house.

In an interview with Heavy, Michael revealed that the eviction of Daniel was the game move of which he was most proud. He shared that he chose that moment because of its strategic and personal results. He said, “I’m definitely most proud of backdooring Daniel. From a strategic standpoint, we did view him as the biggest physical threat on the other side of the house, so I think it was good to get him out for the Leftovers alliance.” Daniel was significantly weakened after his Final 2 partner Nicole Layog was evicted from the game, so he was the obvious next houseguest to be targeted.

Michael was also upset by Daniel’s personal attacks on his fellow houseguests. He said, “On a personal level, I didn’t agree with the way that he treated some of the people and the way that he had acted, specifically how he handled the Taylor situation, yelling at her in front of the whole house for things really that were not fair and were out of her control. So it felt good to get him out of the game.” Michael is referring to Daniel’s vicious verbal attack on Taylor Hale. Daniel came to Nicole’s defense when she misunderstood Taylor and thought that she was suggesting that Nicole quit the game when she was actually telling her that it was okay not to put pressure on herself as Taylor’s Festie Bestie. Daniel wrongly accused Taylor of using the same tactics on Nicole that she had used on Paloma Aguilar, incorrectly blaming her for Paloma’s self-eviction.

WIth all that Michael achieved during Big Brother 24, it is surprising that he chose backdooring Daniel as his proudest game move. However, Daniel’s attack on Taylor was very hard for viewers to watch, so it must have been even worse to experience in person. Michael should feel good about removing Daniel from the game pre-jury. Michael has so much to be proud of in his Big Brother 24 game.

Big Brother airs Sundays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EDT and Thursdays at 9 p.m. EDT on CBS.

Source: Heavy

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