Big Brother: Michael Wishes He Spoke Up Sooner About Kyle’s Comments

Big Brother 24 houseguests and fans were skeptical of houseguest Michael Bruner’s motives when they suspected that he waited to reveal Kyle Capener’s racial comments only to further his own game, and now Michael admits that he wishes that he had spoken up sooner. Michael was a comp beast who broke Janelle Pierzina’s single-season veto competition record with six wins and tied her record for most wins in a single season with nine wins. Both of these records stood for 16 years, and fans were cheering for Michael. However, his decision to expose Kyle when it benefited his game turned many viewers off to Michael.


When Matt “Turner” Turner won the Head of Household (HOH) competition in week 8, Michael suspected that there was a backdoor plan to get him out of the competition. He and Brittany decided that it was time to reveal Kyle’s suspicions that there was a Cookout 2.0 forming in the house, which was a reference to Big Brother season 23’s six-person all-Black alliance. Those six houseguests came together with a common goal: to crown the first Black winner of the game. Kyle had made these comments about the Big Brother 24 BIPOC houseguests possibly forming an alliance together a few weeks prior to Michael and Brittany’s revelation. Although they presented their exposure of Kyle as them wanting to do the right thing, their fellow houseguests and viewers saw it as a game strategy. They felt that if Michael and Brittany were truly interested in the greater good, they would not have waited to expose Kyle. However, their plan worked anyway, and Kyle was evicted from the Big Brother house.

Michael was eliminated the following week during the double eviction episode. In an interview with Parade before he entered the jury house, Michael admitted that he wished that he had said something about Kyle sooner. Michael said that, as he looks back at the situation, he can “completely understand why people were skeptical of my timing for revealing this information.” However, he explained that in Big Brother, no matter what information houseguests reveal, “people are going to look at it as if you’re using it as an opportunity to get ahead in the game. So I can’t fault anyone for being skeptical and asking questions and getting pushback.”

Michael went on to explain that at that point in his Big Brother game, he felt like it was the right time to say something about Kyle. He said, “I knew I would regret it if I just didn’t say anything at all. And no matter when I said something, it always was going to be able to be spun that I was using it to get ahead in the game.” Because of this, Michael said that “looking at how everyone reacted and how they wish it had been handled, I wish I had spoken up sooner. Ultimately I don’t regret speaking up. But I wish I maybe had gone about it a little bit differently.” Michael is referring to the Big Brother house meeting during which everyone confronted each other, and some of the houseguests, most notably Terrance, questioned the timing of Michael’s revelation about Kyle.

Only Michael knows what his true intentions were for revealing the truth about Kyle at that particular moment in the Big Brother game. Although he said it was because he thought it was the right thing to do, he also benefited from it in the game, so his motives are suspicious. Perhaps both things can be true. Either way, the situation brought some important social issues about race and implicit bias to the forefront of the game, and opened a dialogue that hopefully will extend into the real world as well.

Big Brother airs Sundays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EDT and Thursdays at 9 p.m. EDT on CBS.

Source: Parade

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