Big Brother Season 1: Where Are They Now?

Big Brother is currently in its 24th season and has been on the air since 2000. The first season of the show was drastically different from what it is today. The show had an episode every night, and America made the decision of who was evicted, or banished as they called it back then.

The cast only consisted of 10 strangers, so it was small compared to the later versions. But where is the cast 22 years later? This is what the original cast of Big Brother has been up to.


10 Eddie McGee

Eddie was the first winner in Big Brother history when he won Big Brother 1. Since being in the show, he has become an actor.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he said that he did not watch any of his season or any other season. He got into acting a few years after the show. Recently, he has had a small, reoccurring role in Fox’s 9-1-1. He also shot a pilot for a show called Eddie’s. It appears that Eddie is done with the show and has no plans of returning.

9 Josh Souza

Josh was the first runner-up in Big Brother history. He was up for nomination a few times but was able to make it to the end. Since the show aired, he also got into the entertainment business.

According to his IMDb page, Josh has appeared in other reality shows, like Kill Reality and Blind Date. He also was a producer on projects like The Scorned and Ocean Models, which he was a director of as well.

8 Curtis Kin

Curtis came in third place in Big Brother 1. He had a rivalry with Josh the whole season. Since Big Brother, Curtis became a professor and attorney.

Curtis’s professional timeline could be found on his Ballotpediapage. After Big Brother Curtis became a professor at Pepperdine University Law School. Also, he was an assistant U.S. attorney for the district of California. Finally, since 2013, he is a judge on the supreme court in Los Angeles County.

7 Jamie Kern

Jamie came in fourth and was banished one week prior to the finale. She was the last female standing. Since the show, she has had a successful career as an entrepreneur.

Kern developed an extremely successful make-up company called IT Cosmetics. According to an CNBC article, after some years of struggling, L’Oreal bought her company for 1.2 billion dollars, so she has been doing well and received more money from this buyout than any other Big Brother contestant has won on the show. She also wrote a book and appeared on The Ellen Show.

6 George Boswell

George, sometimes referred to as Chicken George, came in fifth place in Big Brother 1. He is the only contestant from this season to come back and play again. He was on Big Brother 7, which was the all-star season, as Big Brother 7 had one of the best casts in show history.

After Big Brother 1, it was a few years before he was asked to return to Big Brother for all-stars. He came in fifth place again. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Chicken George revealed what he has been up to since the show. George works for Mecum classic-car auctions on NBCSN.

5 Cassandra Waldon

Cassandra had a good run in Big Brother‘s first season, managing to earn a sixth place finish. Unfortunately, Cassandra passed away after the show aired.

In a Deadlinearticle, it says Cassandra worked as a director of communications for the International Fund for Agricultural Development at the United Nations and was living in Rome. Tragically, she passed away due to injuries sustained in a car accident when she was 56. Julie Chen, host of Big Brother, had kind words for the star, mentioning her “intelligence, warmth and wisdom” present throughout the show.

4 Brittany Petros

Brittany came in seventh place and was involved in the first showmance in the history of the show. She was an extremely popular and likable houseguest, so much so that the families of the other contestants advocated for her banishment.

Brittany lives in California and has since entered the entertainment business. According to her IMDb page, she worked as a location manager for numerous projects. Some of the biggest projects she has worked on are Modern Family, Malignant, and Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness. She was asked to compete again but declined.

3 Karen Fowler

Karen came in eighth place on the show and sparked the first case of controversy in the Big Brother house as she openly discussed her struggling marriage, which some people saw as distasteful.

Karen’s life after the show has been quite private. Her IMDb page only lists one other credit besides Big Brother. She had a role as a voice announcer in a show called Sponk!. She also moved in with fellow houseguest Brittany after they were both evicted.

2 Jean Jordan

Jean was the second person banished from the house as she came in ninth place. Jean was an exotic dancer before she entered the house.

Life after the show for Jean has been private. There is an article by ReelRundown that sheds some light on her post-Big Brother life. After the show aired she became a personal trainer. After she did that for a little, she returned to being an exotic dancer.

1 William Collins

William was the first person to ever be evicted in Big Brother history as he was banished in tenth place. William was an abrasive personality, which led to his early eviction.

Since the show, William has entered the world of politics. In the ReelRundownarticle, it says he returned to his home in Pennsylvania to work as a politician. He is now an activist and public speaker.

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