Big Brother Winners Who Didn’t Deserve The First Place Prize

The reality series Big Brother has seen some really deserving winners through the seasons, but we’re here to talk about winners who did not necessarily deserve their victories. A good strategy, a well-rounded social game, and strength in competitions make a successful champion. However, sometimes, houseguests claim victory without solid gameplay. Many players have deserved to win without making it to finale night. On the other hand, many houseguests have won the game when viewers felt that they just didn’t deserve to.

At the end of the season, evicted houseguests form a jury and vote for who they think should win the grand prize. The person with the most jury votes is the one who is named the Big Brother champion for the season. Their decision is usually based on the overall social game, competition strength, likeability, loyalty, and integrity. Sometimes, a bitter jury can sway the outcome of the final votes. In the end, the final two always want to be on the jury’s good side because they are the only people who determine the winner.


Josh Martinez was best known for banging pots and pans around the Big Brother house and annoying his fellow houseguests. His win was certainly a surprise, especially considering the fact that he was sitting next to Paul Abrahamian, who was in the final two for the second time. Josh did not play a bad game, but Paul certainly played a better, more well-rounded game and deserved the win. In the end, Josh won when he needed to. He got the votes from the jury, but that does not necessarily mean that he deserved his win.

Many fans were disappointed with Nicole Franzel’s win in season 18 when she also beat Paul in the finale. This was another situation where Paul played a better game, but a bitter jury voted otherwise. She did not have a strong social game and fell short in the most crucial competitions of the season, including the final four Head of Household, Power of Veto, and final three Head of Household. While she positioned herself very strategically at the end, that does not mean that her gameplay was deserving of a win. 

Andy Herren was well-liked among the houseguests, which certainly led to his win in season 15. He was an underdog among the other players. However, Andy was a floater. He changed alliances without staying loyal to a single one but still managed to remain unsuspicious. He won many competitions at the end but did not make any strong game moves until way too late in the season. This may have been part of his strategy but it didn’t necessarily make him the most deserving winner.

While these players may not have been the most deserving champions, they played the game well enough to win. Strategy is important on Big Brother, but being able to adapt to evolving situations is a key component of success in the game. Loyalty, trust, integrity, and competition strength are valued characteristics. especially at the end of the season. When players win the first place prize without a well-rounded game, it leads people to believe that they did not truly deserve their win.

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