Black Clover Confirms the Horrible Consequences of Its Wizard King Twist

This article contains spoilers for Black Clover chapter 336!

While many fans objected when mangaka Yūki Tabata took three months off to ensure the quality of Black Clover‘s final arc, the consequences spilling out from the Wizard King’s true identity prove that it was undoubtedly worth the wait. The phenomenon where mangaka rush to finish their series is unfortunately quite commonplace in the industry, but it’s clear from the latest chapter that Black Clover won’t be suffering from that problem.


Recently, it was revealed that the Wizard King shares the same body as the villain Lucius Zogratis. The Wizard King is the kingdom’s strongest mage and main protector, making this a terrifying and incredibly significant revelation for pretty much every character in the story. Chapter 336 begins the process of having these characters come to terms with the ramifications of what they now know, from the general citizenry to the top Magic Knights.

Chapter 336 of Black Clover by Yūki Tabata shows high-ranking mages cursing themselves for never having suspected the Wizard King for a second. They even compare Lucius to former villains, confirming for readers that he is indeed more powerful and underscoring the hopelessness of their current predicament (as they struggled to defeat even these weaker enemies.) Some even say that there isn’t anything even the most powerful Magic Knights can do to win. The fact that more pages in this revealing chapter are dedicated to how much of a danger Lucius poses as the Wizard King than Asta’s recent ‘death’ underscores how much effort Tabata is putting into building the background of this final arc.

Undoubtedly the most compelling information comes at the beginning of the chapter, when Black Clover explores the panic permeating the citizenry of the Clover Kingdom. Their comments are much less composed than the Magic Knights, giving a more accurate climate of the kingdom. For example, the Magic Knights later correct themselves by saying that Lucius, not the Wizard King, is their enemy, while the citizens outright question the loyalty of Julius.

When beginning this final arc, Black Clover could have easily just focused on the actions of the main characters without worrying about what the citizens of the Clover Kingdom thought. However, by exploring the Clover Kingdom’s larger reaction, the sense of Lucius as an unprecedentedly serious threat is palpable, and it’s clear that the panic the villain inspires is a weapon that’s being wielded against an entire society. The illuminating conversation between the Magic Knights later on in the chapter could also have been far more focused on exposition – especially with Asta’s death to discuss – but the greater sense of impact and mood show how Black Clover is avoiding the temptation to rush to its conclusion.

While fans may not went to see Black Clover go, they do want to feel certain that the beloved franchise is ending in style, rather than jettisoning its prior sense of subtlety and pacing now that the end has been decided. If this latest chapter is any indication, Black Clover fans can rest assured that Tabata is making no moves to sacrifice quality.

Black Clover chapter 336 is available now from Viz Media.

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