Black Widow Cosplay Resurrects The One Costume MCU Fans Will Never See

An amazing Black Widow cosplay pays nostalgic homage to her original pre-Avengers costume, back when Natasha was an out-and-out villain. Natalia Alianovna “Natasha” Romanoff was not always a hero, and while the MCU has shown little interest in depicting this time in her life, a new cosplay turns back the clock to when Black Widow lived up to her menacing codename.

For most of her history in Marvel Comics, Black Widow has been known as a hero, a member of the Avengers, and an agent of SHIELD. However, she started her career by working for the KGB and clashed with Iron Man as a villain. Having been raised in the Red Room where she was trained and brainwashed to work in the USSR’s Black Widow program, Natasha originally fought against heroes like Captain America, Spider-Man, and even Hawkeye, who she once set against Tony Stark. And during her time as a Soviet spy, Natasha wore a very different costume from her classic black and red widow suit.


Black Widows’s 1960’s classic costume may have fallen out of style as she progressed from brainwashed villain to rehabilitated hero, but it nonetheless remains an iconic part of her early appearances in comics, which is what makes it such a great cosplay opportunity. Sharing her Black Widow costume on Instagram, whatkatydidcosplay pays homage to Natasha’s original look with amazing detail and stylish flair.

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An incredibly faithful adaptation of Black Widow’s old costume, the cosplay has a short silvery blue cape and a winged domino mask along with matching gloves and belt. Black and blue mesh, a black mini-skirt, and a bright blue corset capture the ’60s style of this look, which is completed with a black choker collar and darkened makeup to give the otherwise cheery outfit a villainous accent. The most notable detail is the broach worn on the chest emblazoned with the letter “B.” On the classic Widow costume this was s clasp that held her cape together, and stood for ‘Black Widow’ long before the stylized red and black hourglass found on her more modern designs. Even whatkatydidcosplay’s hairstyle captures Natasha’s original look.

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Black Widow’s loyalty to the USSR eventually weakened after she fell for Hawkeye. The KGB tried to brainwash her again, but she was freed of their control by the Avengers. Natasha then attempted to join their ranks, but was forced to withdraw her membership after being recruited by Nick Fury. Black Widow would go on to prove that she was more than just a spy, and won her way onto the roster of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, becoming a member who’s now synonymous with the team. Her adventures and heroics would soon lead her to confront her past and become one of the most respected and feared women in the Marvel Universe. Black Widow has since taken part in cosmic wars and magical battles, but whatkatydidcosplay’s depiction finds her on the cusp of the bizarre world of superheroes, working chiefly through espionage and assassination.

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Black Widow has had many great costumes over the years, but this incredible cosplay from whatkatydidcosplay shows off an outfit that is pure nostalgia. This Silver Age outfit represents a different time in comics and in BlackWidow’s life – one that fans get to see in real-life thanks to dedication creators, even if it seems the MCU will never get around to this chapter in the hero’s life.

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