Breaking Bad/Batman Mashup Puts Hilarious Twist on Gotham Villains

New art gives fans a crossover comic strip that brings Breaking Bad together with some of Batman’s most iconic villains. In it, Walter White takes on the role of Mr. Freeze in this new take on the characters from artist Dan Schkade.

Walter White is one of the most well-known television villains in recent years, as a former high school chemistry teacher who turned to the manufacturing and distribution of methamphetamines after being diagnosed with lung cancer. Walter chooses a life of villainy in order to take care of his family, but these sympathetic reasons quickly give way to him becoming a crime kingpin by the name of Heisenberg. This criminal backstory has similarities to Batman’s nemesis, Dr. Victor Fries, an accomplished and genius scientist who is forced into the life of super villainy after his wife Nora is diagnosed with a rare and fatal disease. Much like Walter White, Fries takes on the alias Mr. Freeze and transforms from a desperate man trying to save his loved one to one of Gotham’s deadliest menaces. This shared backstory of personal tragedy, which leads these two brilliant men into inexcusable lives of crime is the perfect parallel between Walter White and Victor Fries.


With that connection on the mind, comic artist Dan Schkade created a small comic strip on his Twitter account that takes the connection to its ultimate conclusion. Walter White becomes the frozen Batman foe and finds himself contending with even more familiar faces in the guises of Gotham’s most notorious villains. Besides Walter White donning the glass helmet of Mr. Freeze we get to see Jesse Pinkman as Scarecrow, Saul Goodman as Two-Face, Mike Ehrmantraut as the Riddler, and Hank Schrader as the Caped Crusader. Other references include, Gud Frin as the Penguin, Hector Salamanca as the Joker, and Tuco Salamanca as Killer Croc.

All the references are both appropriate and well executed by Schkade who is a comic book artist and writer. Best known for his work on The Spirit, and the webcomic, Lavender Jack, Schkade brings his trademark wit and style to this mashup.

Of course this raises the question in fans’ minds of what a real crossover might look like between the Dark Knight and Heisenberg. Walter White may have been a criminal mastermind in New Mexico, but there is no telling what lengths he might go to when up against the Batman. Until this strange and appropriate mashup becomes canon we have Dan Schkade’s hilarious and spot-on artwork to keep fans wondering how differentBreaking Badwould have truly been if it had been set in the shadowed alleyways of Gotham City.

Source: Dan Schkade (1, 2)

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