Brian Cox Teaches Sinqua Walls To Fish In Mending The Line [EXCLUSIVE CLIP]

Screen Rant is pleased to present an exclusive clip from Mending the Line, which is premiering as the Opening Night Film at Woodstock Film Festival on September 29 before screening at San Diego International Film Fest in October. The new project is an introspective tale that follows US Marine John Colter (played by Sinqua Walls, who will be starring in White Men Can’t Jump) after he is injured in Afghanistan and sent to a VA facility in Montana to recover. While there, he encounters Ike (portrayed by Succession‘s Brian Cox) and learns a thing or two about healing from trauma.


Aside from Walls and Cox, the cast of Mending the Line also includes several talented actors in supporting roles: Perry Mattfeld, Patricia Heaton, and Wes Studi. The film was directed by Joshua Caldwell (Infamous) from a script by first-time feature film screenwriter Stephen Camelio (who previously worked as a freelance writer and In Style editor). Cox and Walls also served as executive producers, proving that the story is a passion project for those involved.

In Screen Rant‘s exclusive clip from Mending the Line, Ike is shown explaining the process of fly fishing to John. The latter is doubtful but does his best to follow instructions, keep the rod low, and float true. Once he does catch a trout and feels the accomplishment of the task, however, the most difficult part arrives. Ike tells John to let the fish go, serving in many ways as a metaphor for his own pain and struggles. Watch the full clip below:

In the press release, director Joshua Caldwell shared his excitement over introducing audiences to Mending the Line. He revealed the significance of Woodstock and San Diego as locations for the film screening, noting that, “Woodstock is an incredible festival located right at the birthplace of American fly fishing, and San Diego is home to the largest active-duty military and veteran communities in the world.”

Furthermore, he emphasized that John Colter’s story expands on the very real stories of veterans all over the country, many of whom are overcoming trauma and finding resilience as well as joy in their lives after finishing service. “We believe Mending the Line can connect with a wide range of people,” he explained. “And we hope that by telling this story we can bring to light the challenges faced by those in their post-military careers.”

Mending the Line will have its world premiere at Woodstock Film Festival on September 29. For more information on the festival itself and ticket purchases for the film, visit the event website.

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