Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 10 Supporting Characters We Want To See More Of

With a hilarious, relatable, and diverse group of main characters, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has an outstanding ensemble cast who’s chemistry keeps getting better each season. Writers are constantly finding new stories to tell about the detectives at the Nine-Nine, whether it’s about their personal or professional lives. However, as good as the main cast is, they still need a cast of supporting characters and Brooklyn Nine-Nine has introduced tons of interesting secondary characters.

The show would not be the same without characters like Madeline Wuntch and Kevin Cozner. So, without further ado, here are the ten supporting characters we want to see more of in future seasons of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.


One of the weirder recurring characters on the show is decidedly Mlepnos, or Mlep(clay)nos – the clay is silent, or Melipnos. Portrayed by Fred Armisen of Portlandia, Mlepnos made his first appearance in the pilot. He opened the door to an apartment when Jake and Amy were on door duty. First, he confused everyone with his name, and then he took the photo of the suspect, thanked the detectives and closed the door.

In his second appearance, also during Jake and Amy’s door duty in a different building, he introduced the detectives to the traditional music of his country – a song about when a dog loses his virginity. The third time we see Mlepons is during Jake and Amy’s wedding where he was hired by Hitchcock and Scully to play the violin. It wouldn’t surprise us if he popped up again behind some door and we’re hoping that happens soon.


Caleb the Cannibal was introduced in season five as Jake Peralta’s prison cellmate and, for all intents and purposes, prison BFF. Full name Caleb John Gosche, portrayed by Tim Meadows, is a cheerful and easygoing person who has a special fondness for Jake. However, he’s also a convicted cannibal who claims to have eaten 9.5 people prior to his arrest.

The episodes with Jake in prison would have been way too dark and difficult to get through without Caleb’s morbid sense of humor to lighten up the mood. Plus, he was also very helpful to Jake, helping him infiltrate the gang, saving his life, and later on, helping Jake and Charles catch a killer.



In the season four episode “Your Honor” we get to meet Captain Holt’s mother, the honorable Laverne Holt. Portrayed by L. Scott Caldwell, Laverne is just as stoic and unreadable as her son.

The scenes with Captain Holt and Judge Holt are all fantastic, which is why we can’t imagine this being the last we see of Laverne. Also, Holt saying “cowabunga, mother” is one of the funniest Holt moments ever, and their agreement to be more open with each other from there on out is too funny for words. Now, we really want to see that 5% increase in physical affection, so please bring Laverne back.


The guy we all love to hate, the so-called Vulture (no, not the Spider-Man villain) made his last appearance (hopefully, just for now) in the season six finale “The Suicide Squad” as one of the members of Jake’s titular team. The Vulture has been part of the show since season one and he’s even been the Captain of the Nine-Nine, much to everyone’s displeasure.

But while he’s one of the least likable characters to ever appear on the show, we’re still hoping to see him again. For one thing, we really need to know if his dream actually came true and he got to run the 69th Precinct. But also because, in spite of his disagreeable personality, the Vulture is entertaining to watch, mostly due to Dean Winters’ outstanding performance.


Appearing for the first time in season one’s “Pontiac Bandit”, Doug Judy, aka the eponymous car thief is one of Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s most beloved recurring characters. Portrayed by Craig Robinson, Doug Judy is a skilled, cunning, but good-hearted thief who’s formed a special bond with Detective Jake Peralta. Jake considers Judy his arch-nemesis, meanwhile Judy has referred to Jake as his best friend.

So far, Doug Judy has appeared in every single season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and all of those episodes were absolutely amazing. Craig Robinson is a funny guy, Doug Judy is a well-written and hilarious character, and his chemistry with Andy Samberg’s Jake Peralta is perfect. Hopefully, season seven will give us more Doug Judy.


In season six we met Amy’s over-achiever brother, David, aka the titular golden child. Portrayed by Lin-Manuel Miranda, David pops by to have dinner with Jake, Amy, and Mrs. Santiago. David has always been the favorite child in the Santiago family– as evidenced by the fact that his is the only photo displayed on the mantle above the fireplace.

At the dinner, Mrs. Santiago keeps praising David, despite Jake’s best efforts to talk up Amy and make her mom see exactly how awesome she is. It doesn’t take a genius to see that the competitiveness was fostered in the Santiago household as we watch David and Amy constantly trying to one-up each other even when they both equally suck at something, like dancing. Lin-Manuel Miranda is absolutely amazing in the part and his dynamic with Amy is worth exploring in future episodes, so here’s hoping we see him again.


Not much is known about Rosa Diaz’s current girlfriend Jocelyn Pryce, aside from the fact that she’s a cosmetology student and that she has a wicked sense of humor. Jocelyn is first mentioned in “The Crime Scene” when Rosa keeps coming to work with hairstyles of varying levels of ridiculousness.

In “The Therapist”, Jocelyn makes her official debut, portrayed by Cameron Esposito, where she plays a joke on Holt. She and Rosa make a cute couple and fans of the show are already fans of the ship. It would be nice to see more of Jocelyn and Rosa in the future.


Portrayed by Patton Oswalt, Fire Marshall Boone has only made two appearances thus far. Debuting in the season one episode “Sal’s Pizza”, Boone is a firefighter who has a long-standing rivalry with Jake Peralta. So, when they’re forced to work a case together, things don’t exactly go smoothly. While Jake and Boone do manage to put their differences aside to catch the perp, the solidarity doesn’t last long and they soon go back to being enemies.

A couple of episodes later, they’re shown arguing during a friendly game of football between the Nine-Nine and the FDNY. Unfortunately, that’s the last time we saw Boone, but wouldn’t it be awesome to have Patton Oswalt back for an episode?


Captain Holt’s worst enemy, according to the Captain himself, the current NYPD Commissioner and a recurring antagonist, Madeline Wuntch is one of our favorite Brooklyn Nine-Nine supporting characters/villains. Her interactions with Holt, especially the way they go about insulting each other at every turn, are never not funny.

Portrayed by Kyra Sedgwick, Wuntch has had memorable and hilarious moments on the show, which make us want to see more of her in the future. Besides, regardless of her hostility towards Holt and vice-versa, Wuntch isn’t all bad. After all, she did not smear Holt in her recommendation letter, and in season six she helped the Nine-Nine take down Commissioner Kelly.


Holt’s husband Kevin made his Brooklyn Nine-Nine debut in the sixteenth episode of season one, titled “The Party” where he and Holt hosted a birthday party for everyone’s favorite Captain at their home. Marc Evan Jackson does a wonderful job portraying Holt’s equally expressionless husband Kevin Cozner (who, according to Jake, starred in Danzes With Wolvez).

Since then Kevin has appeared in a number of Brooklyn Nine-Nine episodes and has had some pretty memorable appearances. The one with the Monty Hall Problem, the one with the safe house, the one with the bimbo, the one with the debate, and so on. We love seeing Kevin and Holt together on the screen and we’re hoping season seven has them in spades.

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