Call of Duty Warzone Could Be Renamed And Updated Alongside Sequel

Call of Duty: Warzone could potentially be the recipient of a name change as publisher Activision moves on to the release of Warzone 2 from developer Infinity Ward. The battle royale initially launched on March 10, 2020, as a free-to-play title, and has since received support in the form of updates, patches, and seasons. Warzone has also received content from other Call of Duty games, including Modern Warfare, Black Ops: Cold War, and Vanguard.

Call of Duty: Warzone launched as the series’ first foray into the battle royale genre, and has since enjoyed a positive critical reception and a player base of over 100 million. Warzone‘s free-to-play model and genre set it apart from other installments in the series, and the game has retained its popularity since launch, with its update model recently culminating in the game’s last season, The Last Stand. However, the announcement of Call of Duty: Warzone 2 has had some fans questioning what might be in store for the future of the original Warzone.


Recently, rumors have arisen that far from being abandoned with the launch of Warzone 2, the original Warzone could instead be receiving a name change, as well as continued support in the form of updates and DLC. As reported by GameSpot, Call of Duty: Warzone could have its name changed to Warzone: Caldera, and continue to receive support even after the launch of Warzone 2. The news comes from reporter Tom Henderson on Twitter, who says that “Warzone will be renamed to ‘Warzone: Caldera’ on November 28th.”

Call of Duty: Warzone Could Live On As Warzone: Caldera

The news has yet to be confirmed by any official sources, but with the Call of Duty Next event coming on September 15, fans may not have very long to wait. The news could certainly serve as an explanation for Warzone progress not transferring to Warzone 2, as recently announced by Activision. With Warzone 2 reportedly making use of a new engine, the two games would be capable of being concurrently supported without stepping on each other’s toes.

Warzone continuing to receive new content would undoubtedly be a relief for long-time players who don’t want to leave their progress behind to play Warzone 2, but it remains to be seen what any potential new content might entail. With The Last Stand having been billed as the game’s final season, Warzone‘s potential future as Warzone: Caldera remains in question, especially with Warzone 2 launching on many of the same last-gen and current-gen platforms as the original. Whatever the case, fans of Call of Duty: Warzone can potentially have some amount of hope for the game’s future.

Source: GameSpot, Tom Henderson/Twitter

Editor’s Note: A lawsuit has been filed against Activision Blizzard by the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, which alleges the company has engaged in abuse, discrimination, and retaliation against its female employees. Activision Blizzard has denied the allegations. The full details of the Activision Blizzard lawsuit (content warning: rape, suicide, abuse, harassment) are being updated as new information becomes available.

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