Captain Marvel’s Newest Weapon Is The Coolest Use Of Her Powers

Contains spoilers for Captain Marvel #41!

Now that Captain Marvel is back in action, she is using her incredible powers to make an all-new weapon, as she creates a fiery sword to take on a literal dragon. In a new preview for Captain Marvel #41 from Marvel Comics, Carol Danvers uses her energy manipulation powers to turn a dragon’s fire breath into a weapon, which she uses to take on the massive beast in an epic scene.

Captain Marvel has been missing on Earth after being imprisoned in a pocket dimensional by Agatha Harkness and other powerful sorcerers and magic users for her crimes against magic. Stuck in a simulation where she had to face off against a dragon over and over again, Carol Danvers eventually broke free and learned that an actual dragon was attacking her home. Captain Marvel and Binary will be teaming up to stop the dragon, as the former will channel her powers to create an all-new weapon, as she gets a badass flame sword in a new preview for Captain Marvel #41 from Marvel Comics.


In a new preview of Captain Marvel #41 by Kelly Thompson, Juan Frigeri, Alvaro Lopez, Jordie Bellaire, and VC’s Clayton Cowles from Marvel Comics, Captain Marvel takes on a dragon in New York City. She uses her energy manipulation powers to withstand its fiery dragon breath before getting knocked to the ground. Then, realizing she needs to try something new, Carol Danvers uses the flames to create a sword made of fire, as she wields a massive two-handed weapon to take on the creature.

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Captain Marvel 41 - Throws Sword

In one of the badass moments in Marvel Comics all year, Captain Marvel blocks the dragon’s flames while throwing her fiery “flaming photon sword” at the giant-sized creature. The sword rips through the dragon as Carol Danvers’ newest weapons seem to land a potentially killing blow. Captain Marvel’s new weapon appears to be a move right out of her ally Phyla-Vell’s playbook, as the hero’s energy sword might have been inspired by her fellow (and former) Captain Marvel’s sword. It’s the latest example of Thompson pushing the hero’s powers and showing what Carol is really capable of.

Taking down a dragon, even for a hero as powerful as Captain Marvel, represents a considerable challenge. However, by smartly reaching into her powers and turning the dragon’s fiery breath into an energy sword, Carol Danvers might have figured out a badass way to slay the monster and save New York from its deadly attack. Ultimately, seeing her fight the dragon is incredibly epic. Readers can see Captain Marvel’s new weapon in action when Captain Marvel #41 by Marvel Comics arrives in comic book stores on Wednesday.

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