Cheer 2: Signs That Jerry Harris Was Too Good To Be True

Jerry Harris has been getting screentime on Netflix’s Cheer, but for all the wrong reasons, and some fans have admitted that they always felt like the cheerleader’s attitude was too good to be true. Before the second season aired, fans learned that Jerry had been accused of sending explicit messages to underage boys. Fans were shocked but soon started to realize that there may have been red flags.

Netflix fans originally fell in love with Cheer‘s Jerry thanks to his signature (and extreme) mat talk. The loud cheering was an integral part of the Navarro Bulldogs squad’s routines. Jerry could often be found on the sidelines, shouting positive affirmations to his teammates while also revving up the crowd. There was no doubt that Jerry’s personality lifted up viewers, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic had just started. However, Jerry’s extreme optimism did start to rub some fans the wrong way.


In September of  2020, viewers learned that the FBI had started to investigate Jerry for allegedly soliciting sexually explicit pictures from minors. Cheer fans who watched season 1 considered Jerry a confident athlete who really seemed like a big asset to an elite team. To viewers, Jerry was the picture-perfect cheerleader, but as time went on, fans learned that everything wasn’t as it seemed. Under the surface, a disturbing scandal was getting ready to boil over, even though Jerry tried his best to hone his facade.

Before the accusations, Jerry was one of the most popular athletes on the Navarro team. However, after watching Cheer season 2, some viewers have started to question if Jerry’s friendly demeanor was totally contrived. Thanks to Jerry’s infectious smile, he landed multiple endorsement deals, with big companies such as Panera. Viewers had compassion for Jerry when they learned that he lost his mother at a young age and struggled with poverty on and off for years. While Jerry may have been a positive light for many, he has now broken Cheer fans’ trust due to the allegations.

In September of 2020, the U.S. Attorney’s office in Chicago confirmed that the 22-year-old was taken into custody, on “production of child pornography” charges. The FBI also revealed that they were investigating Jerry for allegedly soliciting sexually explicit photos and sex from minors. As for season 2, Netflix showed Jerry and the rest of his teammates trying their best to win their 15th championship. Sadly, they were left disappointed after the college athletics team decided to cancel the competition in Daytona. Netflix and Cheer have not addressed the allegations against Jerry, and a court date has yet to be set.

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