Chilling Perseverance Photo Shows Empty Mars Surface

NASA‘s Mars rovers often do a good job of showing the planet’s spookier side, and that eeriness is on full display in this latest picture from Perseverance. Mars is a planet with many different sides. In some pictures, it looks like a warm and inviting desert that you would find right here on Earth. In others, it looks like a harsh alien wasteland. That’s part of what makes Mars so fascinating, and thanks to the hard work of advanced robotics on the planet, it’s easier than ever for anyone to see this for themselves.

As we speak, there are numerous robots in Mars’ orbit and on the surface doing everything they can to learn more about it. The Perseverance rover is hunting for signs of ancient life, the Ingenuity helicopter helps look for new areas of exploration, and the InSight probe is analyzing the Red Planet’s insides. Another key element for some of these robots is their photography skills. Using navigation cameras that help them patrol Mars, robots like Perseverance and Ingenuity often share stunning images to record their journeys.


Out of the thousands of photos uploaded by Perseverance since February, the above one stands out as one of the more noteworthy captures. It was acquired by NASA on October 25, 2021, from Perseverance’s Left Navigation Camera. Also known as a ‘Navcam,’ two of these cameras live on Perseverance to help the rover explore the planet. They can be used by engineers to manually control Perseverance from Earth, and they also assist with Perseverance’s autonomous operation.

An Incredible View Of The Lonely Martian Surface

Source: NASA

Going back to the photo in question, it acts as a great reminder of how empty parts of the Martian surface are. Other pictures show whimsical rock formations, beautiful dunes, and large mountains. While these elements are all true of Mars, parts of the planet also look like this — wide-open areas with hardly anything to fill them. Outside of the dirt on the ground, some rocks scattered about, and a large hill off in the distance, there’s nothing else to see.

That’s not to say Mars is any less stunning to look at, but images like this make it blatantly apparent how much different it is from Earth. There’s no running water, animals, plants, or anything else of that nature. Instead, the sights of Mars are limited to rocks, sand, craters, and mountains. It’s certainly no place for humans, but thanks to Perseverance and its other robot companions, we can still learn an enormous amount about it.

Source: NASA

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