Cobra Kai Star Wants Mike Barnes To Return For Season 6

Mike Barnes actor Sean Kanan says he would like to return for Cobra Kai season 6. The Karate Kid Part III saw the debut of Mike Barnes, Terry Silver’s hired gun and Daniel LaRusso’s karate opponent. Despite Daniel being terrorized by Barnes, the titular Karate Kid as always rose to the occasion in that movie’s climactic battle, ultimately vanquishing his ferocious opponent.

Though Daniel did best Mike Barnes in that final Karate Kid Part III fight, it became obvious in reboot series Cobra Kai that LaRusso remained traumatized by his experiences with both Silver and Barnes. So Daniel was naturally paranoid when, in Cobra Kai season 5, Barnes resurfaced in the Valley as a possible ally for the ever-devious Silver. The return of Barnes indeed marked just the latest in a series of re-appearances by old Daniel friends and enemies, as Cobra Kai continues mining every last square inch of Karate Kid history in its quest to keep the drama going on Netflix.


Though Mike Barnes indeed only returned for two episodes of Cobra Kai season 5, his contribution to the story was certainly an important one. As for whether Barnes might come back again for Cobra Kai season 6, nothing has been announced. But for his part, actor Kanan is game to return as he told Screen Rant:

Listen, if they would like me to be in it, just tell me where to pack the sleeveless black… Well, I guess it wouldn’t be a sleeveless black gi anymore, would it? You never know, though. … Yeah, I’d be in it. I had such an amazing time doing it. It was an exceptional experience on so many different levels that I would absolutely love to be a part of it if they ask.

Netflix of course has yet to officially renew Cobra Kai for season 6, but odds are that the hugely popular show will indeed get at least one more season on the streamer. It’s hard to guess though what the actual story might be for season 6, given the way things played out in season 5. That being the case, it’s difficult to predict whether there’s really an ongoing place in the story for Mike Barnes, a relatively minor character on the overall Karate Kid landscape.

But considering that fans seem to enjoy seeing Kanan as Mike Barnes, and that Kanan himself obviously enjoys playing the one-time Karate Kid III antagonist, surely Cobra Kai creators Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg can find a place for him if they wish. Of course some Karate Kid legacy characters, like Ali and Jessica, only get brief appearances on the show. Others like Chozen and Terry Silver become woven more thoroughly into the fabric of Cobra Kai over longer stints. Mike Barnes truthfully feels like a character who has served his purpose and is no longer needed. But that doesn’t mean that he can’t still return for one last fight in Cobra Kai season 6.

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