Could Doctor Doom Become The Next Marvel HERO?

Doctor Doom is perhaps Marvel’s most notorious villain but in the preview for his November issue, he might become Earth’s greatest hero. November Solicitations are out for Marvel and Doctor Doom #9‘s description suggests stakes being risen. Fan’s of the complex villain will most likely enjoy this high-risk story.

Doctor Doom is the leader of the country Latveria so he is not unfamiliar with handling global threats. He has been quite successful in leading a country. The Latverian’s also seem to like following him. Latveria has become an empire under Doom’s leadership. The character’s proven leadership skills and his devoted followers are proof that Doom could be a good hero – similarly to his time as Infamous Iron Man.


Currently, in Marvel Comics, there is a lot of significant drama going on. With crossover event story arcs such as Empyre going on, the universe is nuts as Marvel heroes and villains have been spread across the galaxy to face pending threats. Doctor Doom has recently been involved with these arcs in recent Fantastic 4 and X-Men comics. Based on the plot details given the end is nigh in the Cristopher Cantwell written comic book. A black hole is near and Doom is apparently going to be the only one intellectually capable of preventing Earth from going into it. Only time will tell where the intellectually inclined heroes are and why Doom is the only one left to save the world. Fans will have to wait until November to see exactly how all this transpires.


It isn’t too far fetched to think Doctor Doom could save the planet. Though he is known for usually being up to no good it is one of the more sensical villains in the universe. Much like Magneto, who has recently turned hero, Doom thinks for the betterment of the world sometimes that leans them towards the more villainous side. However in times like the one that will be presented in Doctor Doom #9 the hero like tendencies shine. Look out for the new comic by Christopher Cantwell and Salvador Larroca this November.

  • After growing the Latverian empire through bloodshed, Doom turns his attention to the potential apocalypse that is the black hole in Earth’s orbit, as he’s the only brilliant scientific mind left that has any chance of preventing catastrophe. But in the wake of all he’s been through, Victor grapples with a profound change of heart…one he dare not show his enemies, else they see his weakness as opportunity!
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