Darcey’s Controversial Model Makeovers That 90 Day Fiancé Fans Mocked

Former 90 Day Fiancé franchise star Darcey Silva promotes her clothing store by modeling on Instagram but often fails to get praise from fans. The 47-year-old reality star is popular for a few things on social media. One is her reality TV gig and her spin-off show, Darcey & Stacey. Another is the contemporary women’s fashion line House of Eleven, which she owns with her twin sister, Stacey Silva.

More than anything, though, Darcey and Stacey are known for their controversial plastic surgery addiction. Over the past few years, the twins have completely changed their looks through rhinoplasty, breast implants, a Brazilian butt lift, a lip lift, and a Hollywood Smile veneer package. Sadly, 90 Day Fiancé viewers have never appreciated Darcey or Stacey’s obsession with looking like a real-life Barbie doll.


Moreover, people feel the sisters have worsened their looks through aggressive plastic surgeries over time. Earlier in August, Darcey shook her followers by telling them she was going to be on the adult content platform OnlyFans and asked them to join her there. Most fans were baffled by the popular 90 Day Fiancé star’s decision and called her out, especially because she is a mother of two. However, the OnlyFans gig isn’t the only time fans have mocked Darcey on social media.

Darcey Silva Models In Pink

Over the past few months, the Connecticut native has shared a lot of modeling content on social media and has mostly gotten terrible fan reception. In late August 2022, Darcey shared a photo of herself and her twin sister Stacey to promote a pink outfit from House of Eleven. While the dress looked fine, fans were stunned to see how Darcey’s body and face looked like a low-budget 3D movie character. 90 Day Fiancé viewers chimed in to show their displeasure about the terrible makeover and wrote comments such as, “They’ve lost all sense of reality,” and “Is that a new animated series?”

Fans Don’t Vibe With Darcey’sDarcey Silva’s Goddess Look

In February, Darcey shared a clip of herself modeling in a black outfit. She captioned the post, “Feeling like a goddess,” while embracing her looks with a sparkly filter. The video showed the mother of Aniko and Aspen flaunting her cleavage and black and silver nail paint. While she intended to proudly display her foxy eyes and look like a queen, most fans weren’t impressed by it. Instead, they mocked Darcey’s heavily altered looks and fixation on photo filters. An Instagram user wrote, “You sure is ugly.” Another user commented, “What the heck happened Darcy? The Turkey nip and tuk went too far! They snashed your money and ruined your god given beautiful face!”

Darcey Turns Into A Mermaid

Recently, Darcey posted a video of her swimming in a pool with Stacey. She wrote, “Darcey & Stacey! The twins! Doing it big in Miami!,” and thanked her photographer for capturing the moment. The post showed the Silva twins making identical poses in their silver-white racy swimsuits while flaunting their surgically enlarged breasts and faces. While the clip was fun, 90 Day Fiancé fans were baffled to see Darcey and Stacey rocking excessive makeup while bathing in the water. The sisters’ beach look prompted fans to leave comments like, “You two are so embarrassing,” and “They now both look at least 10 years older than they actually are.” These harsh comments on Darcey’s makeovers makes it seem like most 90 Day Fiancé viewers love to despise her, which is ultimately working in her favor.

Source: Darcey Silva/Instagram, Darcey Silva/Instagram, Darcey Silva/Instagram

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