Dark Crisis: Big Bang Brings Together DC’s Most Popular Alt-Realities

Spoilers for Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths!

Pariah has achieved his goal in Dark Crisis and brought back DC Comics’ original infinite Multiverse set-up. A newly revealed one-shot will explore what this means for some recent popular variations on classic DC heroes.

For some time now, Pariah has been attempting to bring back the previous, limitless version of DC’s Multiverse. Under the influence of a malevolent cosmic entity, Pariah seemingly annihilated the Justice League after they stopped his attempt to summon the Great Darkness. However, the team was not dead and, in fact, trapped in a series of paradise pocket dimensions. These worlds that the Justice League are trapped in aren’t just ways to take them off the board. The team is also powering a machine of Pariah’s and in Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #4, the once noble figure uses it to recreate DC’s original, expansive Multiverse.


Despite the familiarity of infinite universes, there’s a lot of ground to cover and DC aims to explore its newly restructured Multiverse in an upcoming one-shot. In an exclusive with CBR, DC revealed Dark Crisis: Big Bang by Mark Waid and Dan Jurgens with additional artists. Described as a “haunting journey through these newly re-formed realities”, the tie-in comic to Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths won’t just be exploring old-school universes, but newer variants that have recently taken DC Comics by storm. “The Jurassic League to DC: Mech…from Dark Knights of Steel to Batman’89” are specifically named in the solicitation. But as one can see by the number of variants for Dark Crisis: Big Bang #1, virtually any alternate universe is a world waiting to be examined.

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Dark Crisis Big Bang Cover A DC Comics
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If the covers are any indication, fans could see a number of familiar worlds explored such as Superman: Red Son, Kingdom Come and even DC Super Hero Girls. But the big news is seeing worlds like Dark Knights of Steel and Jurassic League becoming full-fledged alternate worlds. While these sorts of titles have been fun, Elseworlds-style series for fans, there was no confirmation that they were canonical parts of DC’s Multiverse. But this new one-shot may lift these newer titles up and welcome them into the fold with DC’s other classic, alternate worlds.

For years, DC’s Multiverse was limited to 52 parallel earths, many of which were based off of beloved stories such as The Dark Knight Returns, Gotham By Gaslight, or DC: The New Frontier. As “official’”alternate Earths to the mainline DC Universe, stories like Superman: Red Son were lifted in a way that newer, radically different takes weren’t. Innovative comics that feature dinosaur versions of the Justice League or a Pacific Rim-style DCU might have missed the boat on the previous set-up. But thanks to Dark Crisis: Big Bang #1, these recent stories are finally being confirmed as part of DC’s new, unlimited Multiverse.

Source: CBR

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