Day Shift & 9 Other Comedies Featuring Vampires

Day Shift is the newest vampire film, bringing an interesting mix of action and comedy to the genre. While many vampire movies follow a traditional formula, there are movies such as this new release that also strive to incorporate different aspects.

Though Day Shift is an amusing watch, it’s not wholly unique. There are many great comedies that incorporate the creatures of the night. Some of these comedies focus largely on humor, while others still incorporate the drama and horror associated with vampires. These titles are some of the best comedy movies about vampires.


10 Day Shift (2022)

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In Day Shift, a vampire hunter in L.A. is forced to rejoin the vampire hunting union he was once a part of when he is strapped for cash. However, things take a dangerous turn when he crosses the wrong vampire and his family gets kidnapped.

This film has its share of action-packed scenes as well as a few heartfelt moments. However, it also has a good amount of laughs throughout. The plot has some unique aspects, like the vampire hunting union that seems just as focused on money as killing the undead threat. Despite the beautiful and scary vampires, this movie is a good break from usual dreary, serious vampire films.

9 Dark Shadows (2012)

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Dark Shadows is based on a ’60s soap opera by the same name. Following a similar plotline as the series, this film focuses on Barnabas Collins, a vampire that has recently been released from the eternal tomb he was locked into in the 1700s and has to adapt to the modern life of the 1970s.

While Dark Shadows follows the vampire formula often seen in film, it has a lot of different themes throughout. Though there is plenty of drama and horror, the movie is more humorous than it is scary. This movie is great for those looking for a dark comedy to sink their teeth into.

8 Vampires Suck (2010)

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Vampires Suck is a parody to the popular drama Twilight. While it’s ideal for those that don’t care for the drama of vampire films, it’s also a good watch for those that are just looking for a good laugh.

In this spoof movie, Becca finds herself between two boys, one a werewolf and one a vampire. The drama throughout the film is reminiscent of many of the plot lines within the Twilight franchise, ending with a funny, action-packed prom scene. This film may not be ideal for those that like traditional vampire tropes. However, it does offer a couple of good chuckles for those looking for a break from the genre.

7 Vamps (2012)

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Vamps is an obscure vampire film many people are unaware of. The plot focuses on two female vampires living together in New York City. Despite their differences with people, the two women find themselves in complicated romantic situations.

Despite its clear modern themes, this film focuses on several classic vampire tropes, including immortality, sleeping in coffins, and an aversion to sunlight. This is an ideal watch for viewers that appreciate female-driven rom-coms, but are looking for something a bit edgier than the traditional storylines.

6 My Babysitter’s A Vampire (2010)

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In the young adult film My Babysitter’s A Vampire, a teenage boy learns his sister’s babysitter is actual a half-vampire. As the plot unfolds, the teen, his sister, and his friends go on an action-packed adventure to fight the creature of the night.

This film is perfect for young teens looking for an entertaining vampire film that incorporates their age group. Though it doesn’t keep up the creepy persona identified with vampire films, it uses the creatures to create a fun, hysterical plot with a bit of danger. My Babysitter’s A Vampire is also a great film for families looking for a funny vampire plot for movie night.

5 The Little Vampire (2000)

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The Little Vampire may be a children’s movie, but it’s still worth a watch. In it, a young boy moves to Scotland with his family and finds himself feeling very alone. However, things take an exciting turn when he meets another fellow 9-year-old that happens to be a vampire.

This movie follows the gothic themes of vampire films without making it dark and foreboding. Instead, viewers get a cute, adventurous tale in which a young boy makes new friends with something he’s expected to fear. The Little Vampire is great to introduce a younger audience to the world of vampire films without the terrifying aspects normally associated with the creatures.

4 What We Do In The Shadows (2014)

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What We Do In The Shadows is the best vampire movie of the 2010s. The film was so popular that it was later adapted into a series on Hulu.

This dark comedy mockumentary focuses on different generations of vampires living together in a Wellington apartment. The premise of the film is intriguing, taped as if a video crew is exploring the lives of an everyday vampire. Though there are a few deaths and dark moments, this film is far from the traditional terror associated with vampires. This film is ideal for those looking for something that touched upon traditional vampire tropes in the most hysterical way.

3 The Vampire’s Assistant (2009)

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Based on a book series by Darren Shan, The Vampire’s Assistant focuses on a young boy that agrees live leave his human life behind and join a vampire at his unique circus filled with monsters and abnormal people.

This film, though intended for a teenage audience, has many dark themes associated with vampire films. Though the idea of being a vampire intrigues the young man, he soon learns that this life isn’t quite as exciting and fun as he anticipated. There’s enough laughs to keep comedy fans entertained, but has enough dark themes to keep vampire lovers interested.

2 Hotel Transylvania (2012)

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Though a children’s animated film, Hotel Transylvania is one of the best vampire movies today. The plot focuses on Count Dracula, who runs a hotel for all types of ghouls, as he struggles to accept his beloved daughter wants a life unlike his own.

The film doesn’t focus entirely on vampires, but the two main characters follow the general formula associated with vampires. The other monsters in the film give the plot more substance to work with and builds a world of not just one creature of the night, but many. This cute animated film is a perfect family movie with only subtle dark themes.

1 Buffy The Vampire Slayer (1992)

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a ’90s comedy about a young girl that learns she destined to be the generation’s chosen slayer of vampires. While the vampires in this film are the villains of the story, the plot focuses on Buffy’s life after learning she’s a slayer.

The film, which lead to the iconic Buffy the Vampire Slayer series, is ideal for teenagers looking for a good, humorous vampire film. The most enticing aspect about this film is not only Buffy’s destiny but that she struggles with her identity because she wants to lead a normal teenage existence.

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