DC Finally Settles Robin’s Most Controversial Role In Batman Comics

This post contains SPOILERS for Batman #127

In the latest issue of DC Comics’ Batman, the true role of Robin in Batman’s crusade has been confirmed. Whether it’s Dick Grayson, Damian Wayne, or any of the sidekicks in between, there’s always been some underlying controversy behind Batman’s decision to recruit children into his crusade against Gotham’s criminals. However, Bruce Wayne finally confirms how he truly sees his Bat-Family in the DC Universe.

In recent issues of Batman from Chip Zdarsky and Jorge Jimenez, Batman has fallen into some serious darkness. Rarely taking off his cape and cowl to be Bruce Wayne, the Dark Knight began to concern the rest of the Bat-Family especially after the Penguin died, staging his death to make it look as though Batman murdered him. As such, a dark and lethal AI robot known as Failsafe was inadvertently activated with the directive to terminate Batman (Bruce’s true contingency for himself if he ever went too far). However, Batman has no memory of creating the robot. Instead, his alternate personality known as the Batman of Zur-En-Arrh was the one who created Failsafe, a persona believing itself to be the better Batman (due to the absence of Bruce).


Interestingly enough, the new Batman #127 sees Zur-En-Arrh fully in control. Having been created to protect Bruce against psychological attacks, the far more brutal version of the Dark Knight pushes Tim Drake’s Robin to fight Failsafe by his side, wanting the Boy Wonder to die if that’s what it takes to complete their mission. However, this motivates Bruce Wayne’s psyche to pushs back against the notion that Tim and the rest of the Bat-Family are nothing more than soldiers. He convinces Zur-En-Arrh to see Robin for what he truly is: a genuine son of the Batman who is loved (and isn’t expendable).

Bruce Wayne Confirms Robin Is His Son

While Batman has tried to honor his sidekicks’ desires for justice by bringing them into his crusade, he still cares deeply for all of them and wants them to be happy and protected as they work towards a common goal in the DC Universe. Batman’s own darkness can often get in the way, so it’s good to see an issue adamantly proving that Bruce does love and see his Bat-Family as a genuine family.

At any rate, the Batman of Zur-En-Arrh is convinced to save Tim Drake’s Robin, seeing him as a son rather than a soldier, a controversial role the Dark Knight often receives flak for. While Batman has still put children in harm’s way, he’s doing so only after they’ve been highly trained to defend themselves, giving them the tools they need to fulfill their shared need to deliver justice. He’s also going to do everything he can to keep his children alive. Batman #127 is on sale now.

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