DC League Of Super-Pets: The 10 Best Quotes

Although the DC movie arena has been shaky this year, with a lot of movies either being delayed or canceled, it hasn’t been all about dark clouds and no sunshine. With its star-studded cast and dialogue full of endless humor, the animated movie, DC League Of Super-Pets, has given DC fans a reason to smile.

In the movie, a group of super-powered animals assembled by Superman’s pet, Krypto the Superdog, get to be the heroes as they rescue Justice League members from captivity. Amidst all the mayhem, each character comes up with incredible remarks that left viewers grinning from ear to ear.


“You Can Have My Pawtograph.”


Foofy Dog is excited when he spots Krypto flying around at the park. Krypto notices this and offers to bless him with the animal version of an autograph.

Krypto’s status as Superman’s pet dog makes him a celebrity and with that comes a level of arrogance and pride. He comes off as a pet that’s full of himself by offering to sign a ‘pawtograph’ without being asked to do so, but credit to him for coming up with a rather hilarious word for it. On a more positive note, Krypto’s words are proof of how social he is. And that’s a necessary trait for anyone seeking to assemble a super-team for a mission.

“Batman Works Alone, Except For Robin, Alfred, Gordon, Batgirl And Whoever Morgan Freeman Played.”


Before taking Ace as his pet, Batman tries to remind everyone that he is making an exception because he normally works alone. Ironically, he lists a lot of people he works with, including a Morgan Freeman character he doesn’t remember.

Throwing in a pop culture reference about The Dark Knight trilogy is indeed a creative thing for the screenwriters to do, given that Christian Bale’s Batman is from an entirely different universe. The fact that Batman doesn’t remember the name of Morgan Freeman’s character is also hilarious but understandable since Lucius Fox isn’t usually one of the most prominent members of the Bat-family.

“Mr Outside-Underpants.”


While making the suggestion that Superman might start snubbing Krypto now that he is dating Lois, Waffles makes fun of the Justice League member. And it’s all tied to his tendency to wear red underpants above his costume.

Though the latest live-action iterations of Superman have ditched the Kryptonian’s weird fashion choice, the animated movie maintains it for comical effect. The costume choice appears deliberate to fit with the dialogue since Batman, who is also known for his outside underpants in the comics, doesn’t maintain the same dress code.

“Stop Right There And Cease Your Unlawful Activities, Dog I’ve Never Met.”

KryptoAce questions Krypto in DC League of Super-Pets

Krypto quickly changes to his cape and orders Ace to stop when he realizes he is escaping from the animal shelter. Ace demands to know who he is and Krypto reminds him that he was just behind him a few seconds ago, wearing glasses.

As a Kryptonian with plenty of powers, Krypto is shown to be assertive, which explains why he tries to bully Ace the first time he meets him. The conversation also highlights a major similarity between Krypto and Superman, in that they are masters of disguises. Just as Superman can be Clark Kent, Krypto can disguise himself as a normal dog by wearing glasses too, which explains why Ace didn’t notice that he had met him earlier.

“Let Me Just Iron That Out. They Should Call Me Iron Man.”

Clark Kent

Clark surprises Krypto by using his lasers to iron his shirt, in preparation for a date with Lois. As he is doing so, makes a brilliant Marvel reference.

It’s quite a cheeky way for DC to acknowledge that Marvel heroes do exist, something that rarely happens in live-action. In the comics, the two rival houses have also acknowledged each on a couple of occasions. Over the years, there have been over ten crossovers between DC and Marvel. As for the quote, what also makes him more golden is that Superman makes a pretty joke, something that’s quite rare too.

“The Federation Of Exes. Not To Be Trusted.”


Krypto notices something wrong with Corgi, so he tries to find out. Corgi says he bit a FedEx guy and Krypto immediately assumes that FedEx means the “federation of exes.”

As a super-pet, Krypto thinks in terms of evil DC villain teams since he has had to deal with many of those. It doesn’t register to him that FedEx (Federal Express) is actually a transport company (and he can be forgiven for that since he is a dog).

“You Think Your Dookie Don’t Stink?”


During an argument with Krypto, Ace urges him to be humble because his dookie stinks – just like that of every other dog. However, Krypto reminds him that it actually doesn’t.

Krypto believes that Krypto has no reason to take on the role of a superior since he is just like any other animal. It’s an argument that stems from his desire to not be controlled, and that’s the reason he even tries to run away from the shelter in the first place. That Krypto describes his poop as aromatherapy is even funnier.

“Thanks For Building Your Stupid Headquarters On The River. Very Convenient For The Water Guy.”


Shortly after arriving to help Superman stop Lex Luthor from using the meteorite to gain powers, Aquaman complains about the villain choosing to build his headquarters on the river; angry, he vows to destroy it.

Since he is the ruler of an aquatic kingdom, anyone that messes with water is guaranteed to anger Aquaman. More than even the desire to help Superman, the blatant pollution of the environment is what motivates Aquaman to participate in the brief mission to stop Lex Luthor. Unfortunately for him, things don’t turn out to be as easy as he expected.

“Stupid Name. Named After His Planet. Oh, Real Creative.”


Lulu goes on a rant when Krypto leads the Super-Pets in ruining her plan. She begins criticizing Krypto, starting with his name.

Just as is always the case with every other villain whenever their mission fails, Lulu is shown to be understandably butter. However, she is right about Krypto having the least creative name as it’s simply a short form of Krypton or Kryptonite. However, the canine didn’t christen himself. One of the comic facts about Krypto the Superdog explains the origin of the name.

“For Earth-One, Press One, For Earth-Two, Press Two.”

JLA Hotline

When Lois realizes Superman is in trouble, she attempts to dial the Justice League of America hotline so that other superheroes can save him. The voice on the other hand asks her to specify which Earth she is calling from.

The prompt on the hotline acknowledges the existence of a multiverse, hence opening up the possibility of these particular characters interacting with others that have come before them. It also proves that Justice League members from all universes are actually aware of each other’s existence.

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