DC Universe: D&D Character Alignments Of Harley Quinn Characters

With Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) and her own cartoon doing well with fans and critics, Harley Quinn has become just as popular as characters like Joker and Batman. Since her series on DC Universe has been so well received, it is time to take a deeper look at the characters.

With nine options to chose from on the Dungeons and Dragons character alignment chart, it is easy to find where each of these characters falls. The different versions of the characters outside of the Harley Quinn universe will not be looked at for this alignment.

10 Harley Quinn- Chaotic Neutral

While some part of her behavior is based on the fact that she doesn’t know what she is doing, Harley Quinn fits the bill for chaotic neutral perfectly. The whole idea of the show is her becoming free of Joker and becoming her own person, and chaotic neutrals are free spirits.

Her drive is to be the best she can while also being the worst to anyone she feels has wronged her. Even when she has the power to control everyone in her hands, she lets it go in favor of letting everyone be free like her.

9 Poison Ivy- Chaotic Good

Ivy’s most quoted line, after “I told you so” is “I’m not a villain.” Claiming the title of ecoterrorist, she holds true to that for most of the series, only getting involved in Harley’s plans when absolutely necessary for their friendship, since Poison Ivy doesn’t typically enjoy humans.

Chaotic good is defined as the rebel, which is what Ivy strives for. She rebels from humans, from most men, and even from the Legion of Doom, who have sent her over 140 invitations to join. She knows exactly what she wants to be, and she stays on track to living her best plant-filled life.


8 Frank- True Neutral

Created for the show, Frank is a literal plant given sentience by Ivy, who spends all of his time hanging out and cracking wise to anybody that will listen. While he does do some things for Ivy, he is regularly hard-pressed to get off his butt, which he does have.

Frank’s uncaring behavior is a perfect embodiment of neutrality. He is not there to be a good guy, nor is he around to be evil. He just exists to exist, and that is fine with him.

7 Dr. Psycho- Neutral Evil

Dr. Psycho is a true villain in every sense of the word. He is a horrible man, and that is never corrected because he doesn’t see a problem with himself. Even though he does some good things throughout the series, it is never without major benefit to himself.

He was kicked out of the Legion of Doom due to his lack of decency, which a lawful evil character would have. He doesn’t get redemption because he isn’t meant to. Dr. Psycho is evil, and that’s where he stays.

6 Clayface- Chaotic Neutral

Clayface in this series is one of the hardest characters to pin down, and that is only partially because he ends up being a few dozen characters every episode. He is the most chaotic neutral character because, rather than being torn about himself and his life, he is just living it up with full confidence.

When he is on a mission, he isn’t caring about the end result. All he cares about is creating the perfect character, like Southern Bartender, Mailman, Maxie Zeus, and Stephanie. While most of these characters fail, he is at his most chaotic when they succeed.

5 King Shark- Neutral Good

This version of King Shark is a computer whiz who happens to be a 2,730-pound shark man. He has a small role in the overall plots of several episodes, but that is because this version isn’t a villain. He has found himself with people who treat him well, mostly.

While he does have a tendency to go into a frenzy when exposed to blood, he doesn’t like being that way. His main goal is to help his new friends without real reason other than they are his squad.

4 Sy Borgman- Lawful Evil

Originally introduced as a side character, Sy has wheeled himself into most episodes as a technical member of the team. Revealed to have his own powers as a Transchanger, essentially a Transformer, he joins the team as both a car-man and the landlord of the group.

His lawful evil nature is apparent in his government background and the way he acts towards everyone he meets. He’s a bad man, but in most situations, he acts within his “rights,” though he does sometimes take free speech a little too far.

3 Kite Man- Chaotic Good

This entry stretches the definition of Chaotic Good, but the important note here is that his moral compass is screwed, but his role throughout the series is as a dedicated lover to Poison Ivy, which lets her be the good on his compass.

Because of this, whenever he is seen on screen, he is being good for Ivy, even when she doesn’t see how at first. His actions don’t really fit the evil side of the alignment chart because when he is broken down, he’s not evil.

2 Queen of Fables -Chaotic Evil

The Queen of Fables, voiced by Wanda Sykes, is a shining example of showing and telling in a show. When she is first introduced (inhabiting a tax book), she doesn’t seem all that bad, even though she is making her summoned creatures do unspeakable acts.

When she escapes the book and comes to full power, her first action is to slaughter a large family because she could. She eventually teams up with Joker, which is already a chaotic move, but she kicks it up by trying to kill anything she can.

1 The Arm- Lawful Good

Rather than selecting Batman or the Joker, since they get plenty of coverage in every article, this list includes one of the standout characters introduced in the show for a single episode. Literally stemming from Clayface, his arm, voiced by SpongeBob SquarePants’ Tom Kenny, plays an important role in the episode “You’re a Damn Good Cop, Jim Gordon.”

Not only is he a playful little guy, but he truly acts like a friend to the awkwardly distraught Gordon. The Arm’s lack of knowledge of the world helps him be one of the good characters, but it is his relationship with Gordon that drives him into Lawful good for his short life.

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