Dexter: New Blood Characters Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the finale of Dexter: New Blood.

A show like Dexter can always be trusted to bring forward complex characters that are interesting to follow. With Dexter himself being a serial killer who followed a twisted code of vigilantism, the show’s revival brought a hard-hitting conclusion to his arc where he was forced to face his sins.

Hogwarts houses from Harry Potter are one of the best ways to gauge the personalities of characters, as they look into attributes like ruthlessness, intelligence, bravery, and loyalty, among others. Dexter: New Blood may have had a minimal main cast, but they all fall into certain Hogwarts houses based on their skills and attributes.

8 Harrison Morgan: Gryffindor

Harrison became one of the most likable Dexter characters by the end when he chose to be brave and deny his dark passenger. For much of the revival, it appeared as if he may have self-serving intentions and didn’t care about others as much as his rage.

By the end, Harrison played into the Gryffindor trait of courage, as he found the nerve to reject his father’s twisted code. Gryffindors are known to make the hard choices in life even if they don’t want to, and Harrison certainly didn’t want to eliminate his father but knew he had to in order to stop Dexter’s destructive ways.

7 Molly Park: Slytherin

Slytherins are sly, cunning, and extremely driven to goals of their choosing, which pretty much sums up Molly’s character. She came up with ways to gain information about serial killers that others couldn’t, tying into the Slytherin attribute of craftiness.

Molly didn’t hunt for serial killers out of any sense of justice, as she mainly did it so that she could have material for her show, which is similar to Slytherins’ often self-serving mentality. However, she also had a conscience like certain Slytherins such as Horace Slughorn, showing that Molly’s selfishness had limits.


6 Logan: Hufflepuff

Logan is certain to rank high in the best new Dexter characters because his place in the series was to depict a normal, good person in an otherwise violent setting. Hufflepuffs are people who can be trusted with a person’s secrets and emotions, with Logan filling out this role for everyone from Angela, Harrison, and briefly Dexter.

Hufflepuffs are loyal friends who are extremely difficult to corrupt but can be very naive. Logan always tried to find the best in people even if it were shady people like Matt Caldwell, while his naivete was exploited by the likes of Molly and Dexter, with the latter ultimately killing Logan because of it.

5 Audrey Bishop: Gryffindor

Audrey suffered from some uneven storytelling, with many plotlines dropped – like her attempt to bring down a corrupt billionaire, lack of cultural identity, and suspicions about Harrison. Still, it’s clear that she was a brave person who didn’t shy away from situations others would.

Gryffindors like Hermione are very resolute in their beliefs and go the extra mile to make a point, with Audrey acting similarly when she attempted to defy the corrupt billionaire even after his threats. 

4 Kurt Caldwell: Slytherin

Kurt was, in some ways, similar to Dexter’s character, as he was a killer who tried to justify his actions by claiming he was saving people. While he was outwardly giving and humble, Kurt only cared about himself and his son, to an extent, revealing a fiendish persona underneath his mask.

His attitude is similar to Slytherin’s Lucius Malfoy, who was a charitable person by reputation but was actually a dark wizard that only cared about his family. Kurt carried the cunning Slytherins are reputed to have, making sure to out Dexter as Matt’s killer before he intended to skip town that posthumously ended up working.

3 Debra Morgan: Hufflepuff

This version of Debra was different from the one who was Dexter’s sister, as she represented his conscience and the side that didn’t want to kill. Hufflepuffs are the most moral out of any other house, wanting to keep things in harmony and acting as the voice of reason.

Debra was relatively high-strung compared to other Hufflepuffs and took to mocking Dexter when he went out of line, but she was still the only moral compass he had. Debra stuck to the Hufflepuff mentality of remaining true to their friends, as her manifestation remained by Dexter’s side even in his final moment to let him die in peace.

2 Angela Bishop: Ravenclaw

Ravenclaws are perceptive about things that others don’t see and think out of the box to reach conclusions that are usually right. Angela was the one who finally brought Dexter into question for his actions by piecing together clues from the Bay Harbor Butcher case to Matt Caldwell’s demise.

Ravenclaws don’t have the best people skills, with many coming across too aggressively even if they are right. Angela’s failing was that she considered herself to be right all the time without concrete proof, which delayed her capture of Dexter and prevented her from making Kurt face justice for his own crimes.

1 Dexter Morgan: Slytherin

As much as Dexter tried to convince Harrison that he was a Gryffindor who wanted to go after justice out of some sense of vigilantism, he was a true Slytherin. The most ruthless of this house really only care for themselves, such as Voldemort and the Malfoy family, and Dexter killed people to satisfy his dark passenger.

Dexter’s caring only extended to his son, which was also self-serving since it meant he didn’t care about anyone other than those connected with him. Certain Slytherins like Draco Malfoy only realize their selfishness when they’re forced to, with Dexter coming to this conclusion when Harrison rejected him and died because he understood he was too far gone.

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