Dexter Season 9 Brings Back Director Marcos Siega

Marcos Siega will be returning to the director’s chair for the upcoming revival of Showtime’s hit series, Dexter. Dexter, which followed a forensic technician at the Miami PD, who moonlighted as a serial killer, premiered on the network in 2006 and ran for eight seasons, becoming a massive hit with critics and audiences in the process. However, following its controversial series finale in 2013, its ending has become one of television’s most disappointing finishes. Fortunately, it was recently announced that Showtime would be reviving Dexter for a limited series that will premiere in 2021.

According to THR, director Marcos Siega will be returning for Showtime’s upcoming revival of Dexter. Siega, who will be executive producing and directing six out of the ten new episodes, previously helmed nine Dexter episodes and recently directed the Batwoman pilot and HBO Max’s The Flight Attendant. Siega has also worked on other hit series, such as True Blood, Veronica Mars, and The Following.


Following Showtime’s announcement that Dexter will be making its return to the network, Clyde Phillips, who will be returning to the series as showrunner for the first time since his departure after season 4, stated that he plans to fix the season 8 finale’s mistakes and make things right for the fans.

Also, story details for Dexter season 9 have been revealed to follow the events of the Season 8 finale, where Dexter (Michael C. Hall) retreated into a life of solitude after the death of his sister Deborah (Jennifer Carpenter), living out his days as a lumberjack to evade capture by authorities. Meanwhile, his son Harrison (Jaden Wells) and love interest Hannah McKay (Yvonne Strahovski) resided in Argentina. Aside from Michael C. Hall, no other series cast members have been confirmed to be returning for Dexter season 9 at this time.

Source: THR

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