Disney Dreamlight Valley: All Founders Packs & Price Differences

Disney Dreamlight Valley from Gameloft will be free-to-play upon full release, but players who want early access have to pay for it, which for many means purchasing a Founders Pack. Founders Packs come in three different editions, each of them affording players access to the game while providing them scaled sets of bonuses. Available for PC and console, Founders Packs offer players a head start on collecting in-game rewards, access to forthcoming updates, and a voice in how the game evolves in advance of its full release sometime in 2023.


To access Disney Dreamlight Valley without a Founders Pack, players will need Xbox Game Pass, which offers subscribers free early access. Otherwise, players will have to pay for early admission to Dreamlight Valley. There they will encounter an array of familiar Disney characters suffering from The Forgetting, which severed them from their memories and destroyed their happy, harmonious community. By engaging in various activities familiar from other life-sim games – including farming, mining, gardening, crafting, fishing, and so on – and undertaking adventures and side quests, players will help their Disney friends to rid the Valley of the dreaded Night Thorns and open up new areas for play and exploration. Though frequently compared to other life-sim games like Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing, Disney Dreamlight Valley avoids the mistakes of those games by including adventure elements and a fantasy storyline that sets it apart from its predecessors.

Early access to these adventures, though, requires a Founders Pack. These come in three tiers – Standard, Deluxe, and Ultimate – each of which offers players a set of perks, including cosmetic items and in-game currency known as Moonstones. Becoming familiar with these packs and their diverse offerings can help prepare players for entry into this new slice of the Disney universe, enabling them to get the most out of their early experiences with the game.

Everything In Disney Dreamlight Valley Founder’s Packs

All tiers of the Founders Packs grant the player early access to the game, but the higher the tier, the greater the bonuses. The first of these are Moonstones, the in-game currency that players use to buy cosmetics and decorations – useful no matter what adventure one takes on, whether repairing Moana’s boat or running a Dreamlight Valley advertising campaign for Scrooge McDuck. Moonstones can also be used to access to the Premium Star Path track, an accelerated, Battle Pass-style pathway to game advancement otherwise earned by completing in-game missions and tasks. The Standard Edition Founders Pack comes with 8,000 Moonstones, the Deluxe Edition has 14,500, and the Ultimate has 20,000.

The different Founders Pack tiers also come with wearable items for player characters (all Editions include an iconic mouse ears headband, though they get fancier at higher tiers) and design motifs to be used in Touch of Magic, an in-game tool that allows players to design custom wearables. Packs also include decoration items like furniture, rugs, and wall coverings to personalize player houses. Additionally, the Deluxe and Ultimate packs confer cute animal companions to help the player work towards happily ever after in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Standard Edition Founder’s Pack Deluxe Edition Founder’s Pack Ultimate Edition Founder’s Pack
Price: $29.99 Price: $49.99 Price: $69.99
Premium in-game currency: 8,000 Moonstones Premium in-game currency: 14,500 Moonstones Premium in-game currency: 20,000 Moonstones
Clothing set: 2 wearable items Clothing set: 7 wearable items Clothing set: 4 wearable items
Furniture set: 9 decoration items Furnitrure set: 10 decoration items Furniture set: 15 decoration items
3 design motifs for Touch of Magic 3 design motifs for Touch of Magic 3 design motifs for Touch of Magic
Celestial Turtle animal companion Regal Fox animal companion
All cosmetic items from Standard Edition Founder’s Pack All cosmetic items from Standard Edition Founder’s Pack
All cosmetic items from Deluxe Edition Founder’s Pack

As for cost, the Standard Edition pack goes for $29.99, the Deluxe Edition for $49.99, and the Ultimate Edition will set players back $69.99. But the rewards that accompany each pack are scaled to their prices, and players will get what they pay for. Of added value is the intangible benefit that early access brings: Disney and Gameloft promise that the first players will be able to provide feedback to the developers, giving them a voice in how the future of Disney Dreamlight Valley unfolds.

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