Disney Illusion Island Gives Mickey & Friends The Platformer They Deserve

Disney has just announced a brand-new platformer game coming out in 2023, called Illusion Island, and it stars Mickey Mouse and his friends. The Disney & Marvel Games Showcase revealed new titles and teasers for already highly anticipated games. This included but was not limited to Dreamlight Valley and Midnight Suns, the latter of which is getting a stylish series of animated short films.

It should come as no surprise that Mickey Mouse is far from a stranger to the world of video games. Many gamers already know that he is a major supporting character in the Kingdom Hearts series, but he’s been starring in many other titles for decades. His appearances include games such as the Epic Mickey series, Disney’s Magic Mirror Starring Mickey Mouse, Mickey Mousecapade, and other titles going as far back as a Game and Watch game back in 1981 simply called Mickey Mouse. However, it’s not often that Mickey gets to share the star spotlight with all of his friends as he will in Illusion Island.


Illusion Island was revealed during the Disney & Marvel Games Showcase, as an upcoming platformer adventuring starring Mickey Mouse and his closest friends. As shown in the trailer, posted to the Nintendo YouTube channel, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy are all on a beautiful island called Monoth, where they are greeted by the apparent leader of Monoth, a rabbit-like creature named Toku. Mickey Mouse is playable along with each of his friends in this adventure, as they “travel to the three biomes of Monoth and retrieve the Books of Knowledge.” The game’s art is bright, colorful, and bouncy, all done through hand-drawn 2D animation. The gameplay showed each of the four characters working both individually and as a team, as the game can be played solo or with 4-player co-op.

Mickey Mouse and Friends Star in New Platformer Together

From what was seen through the art and dialogue, Illusion Island seems to embrace all the lighthearted fun and silliness that makes Mickey Mouse and his friends so popular, much like the tone of the new Disney’s Dreamlight Valley. The art style may remind fans of the popular Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse series from recent years, though the art and animation of Illusion Island still manages to stand on its own. The humor is already apparent, with Goofy providing some laughs as he tries to keep up with the plot. Illusion Island has the potential to be an enjoyable game for Disney fans.

This new game featuring Mickey Mouse and friends looks promising. As Goofy notes, the final release date of Disney’s Illusion Island is TBD, or “to be determined,” though there is a confirmed release window of 2023. The game is currently posted on the Nintendo eShop, where players can wishlist it and learn more.

Source: Marvel Entertainment/YouTube

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