DokeV: K-pop Groups Who Could Be On The Soundtrack

In the 2021 Game Awards, the upcoming creature collector from Pearl Abyss studios, DokeV, featured a stunning music video with dance set to the original reveal trailer’s music, which begs the question of how many more songs could be in the game when it releases. Although the soundtrack might seem like a minor detail when compared with features like the creatures players will capture or how they’ll traverse the environment, it’s still something to look forward to given K-pop’s surging worldwide popularity. The bands that will provide the music may not be known until the game’s release, so people looking forward to it will just have to wait and see.


DokeV is an upcoming creature capture game that portrays itself as a truly open-world experience with exciting traversal options and a colorful, visually beautiful art style. It also appears to be set in Korea, and DokeV’s Korean culture, open world, and Pokémon-style creature collection all paint a picture of an exciting high-energy gameplay experience that has the potential to be the next big thing. A big part of that energy could come from its soundtrack.

TAK is the group that sang the song in the Game Awards music video, so its definitely possible that they’ll have more in DokeV’s final soundtrack, but they’re far from the only ones that could appear. Players may find themselves rocking out to the sounds of big names like BTS or Blackpink while they’re floating through the air on an umbrella or swinging their giant hammer to knock out a mischevious Dokebi, the monsters that appear in DokeV’s music video and trailers. Kpop fans and video game veterans alike should be excited to find out which groups will be in the game. Although it’s not probable that every big name in Kpop will appear, there are many who could.

TAK Could Reappear On DokeV’s Soundtrack

Since TAK arranged the original song for the original trailer and music video (in addition to production by GALACTIK and vocals by Luena), they seem like a very likely candidate for DokeV’s soundtrack. The song is catchy and stunning, and fits perfectly with the high-octane style and gameplay the game has been teasing so far. Whether the song will actually be in the game is a matter of debate, but TAK could very well end up with more than one track for players to enjoy while they’re chasing down the mysterious Dokebi. DokeV’s joyful chaos shown in the reveal trailer could match well with songs like the one in the music video. Fans of TAK’s work would very likely be delighted to hear more.

DokeV Could Feature The Likes Of BTS

BTS is currently one of the biggest K-pop groups, if not the biggest, in the world, and they’re arguably the ones who helped bring the genre to Western audiences. Since they’re such a big name, they would be a major catch for DokeV and a boon to the game’s soundtrack. Whether or not they appear may be less of a possibility and more of a question of whether or not Pearl Abyss can get them. Their versatility and the subjects of their music could mesh well with the game based on everything known about DokeV so far. They have more than their share of fans worldwide, who would in all probability be delighted to hear them while they play the game – and those who haven’t heard them may learn why they have so much hype.

Blackpink Could Come To DokeV

Blackpink is another big K-pop group that could show up in DokeV’s soundtrack. Although not as big as BTS, they also have their share of diehard fans. The all-female group could be a great asset to the game, both in terms of the quality of their music and in drawing their fans to the new property, who may be on the fence as to whether to try it or not, and hearing the sounds of Blackpink in the game’s soundtrack could also lead a few players to seek out their music. Players could greatly enjoy hearing the likes of Blackpink as they do battle with DokeV’s beautifully-designed monsters that are comparable to Pokémon’s.

Stray Kids Could Stray Into DokeV

Stray Kids is another K-pop group that could be a big draw for DokeV. They’re also one of the biggest names in the genre, so it wouldn’t seem unlikely for them to have a couple of songs on the soundtrack as well. If other big-name hits like BTS and Blackpink are included, then Stray Kids would seem like a natural addition. They’re another group that has its own highly dedicated fanbase, which could bring that many more fans to the game, and introduce other players to their music at the same time.

EXO Could Lend Their Sound To DokeV

EXO is another giant of the industry that could bring some K-pop grooves to DokeV’s soundtrack. They could come along with others if big stars are the focus of the game’s audio. Even if they’re not, their sound could set them apart and make them a big candidate when the developers are selecting songs. DokeV missed its window to be one of 2021’s best RPGs, but EXO could make it one of 2022’s. The dance and electronic genres are major elements of their music, so they would fit well with the high-energy atmosphere the game promises. Their fans would likely love to jam out to their songs in-game, and players might just find themselves converted into fans after playing.

One Of Seventeen’s Units Could Be In DokeV

Seventeen is a K-pop group that follows a common trend in the genre, and that’s dividing itself into sub-groups. Whether it’s to translate songs into different languages or to focus on different audiences, some bands choose to split into different groups. Seventeen is one of the latter, as they have three groups: Hip-Hop, Vocal, and Performance. The Hip-Hop group could blend well with DokeV’s energy and art style, and bring its fans with it.

Got7’s Martial Arts Could Feature In DokeV

Got7 is another big name in K-pop that could appear in DokeV. The group is well-known for their live performances, where they incorporate martial arts (like PlayStation’s upcoming Sifu) and street dancing into their choreography – just like the recent music video for DokeV portrayed. If they did make it into the soundtrack, that energy could blend very well with the game’s combat and creature battling. K-pop fans could hear them sing along to the fights and conflicts that DokeV has promised fans that eagerly look forward to it.

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