Dragon Ball’s Majin Vegeta Becomes Venom’s Newest Host In Epic Fanart

In the pages of Marvel Comics, Venom is a brutal and terrifying anti-hero with ties to the Friendly Neighborhood Webhead known as Spider-Man, while Vegeta is a Dragon Ball alum who breaks bad after transforming into his ruthless Majin form in an attempt to better his constant rival and eventual companion, Goku. And now, in a wildly unique new piece of digital fanart shared on social media, Venom has decided he likes the taste of Super Saiyans and has taken Majin Vegeta as his new host!


Recently uploaded to Reddit by username u/2FreshTTV, this account has posted more than a few inventive Dragon Ball and Marvel fanart as of late (such as this electrifying Special Beam Cannon Piccolo fanart), with this Venom x Vegeta piece, in particular, being one of the stand-outs. Also dabbling in creating fanart that focuses on the popular Naruto and One Piece franchises, u/2FreshTTV’s vibrantly distinct art style does these characters wonders and are digital pieces of art fans need to see.

A form of Vegeta’s that’s first seen after succumbing to the evil machinations of the wizard Babidi at the tail-end of Dragon Ball Z, this Majin transformation not only brought back Vegeta’s more villainous tendencies but also gave him a power boost that he wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. Eventually sacrificing himself in a truly heroic and tear-jerking way agains the evil villain known as Buu, Majin Vegeta was not long for this world yet with u/2FreshTTV giving him a symbiote upgrade, Majin Vegeta gets the Marvel crossover design he deserves.

Vegeta x Venom by me 💪🏼 from dbz

Mashing up Venom and Majin Vegeta in the most badass way possible, u/2FreshTTV depicts Venom using his black tendrils to either pull Vegeta down into his dark, gooey abyss or, knowing the track record of this prideful Prince Of All Saiyans, Vegeta is willingly being consumed by the symbiote to quickly gain a few extra power levels to stick it to Goku as per usual. Drawing Venom dragging a badly beaten Vegeta into his toothy mouth, both Venom’s tendrils and Vegeta’s crackling Super Saiyan lightning surround the pair, giving this fanart an artistic edge that captures the spirits of both characters perfectly.

Though it’s highly unlikely Venom and Vegeta will ever face off or join forces for real, this epic fanart from u/2FreshTTV gives fans a taste of what it could be like if they ever should. Venom and Majin Vegeta are two iconic Marvel and Dragon Ball characters on their own, and now with u/2FreshTTV combining the two, they’re even more so.

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