Dragon Ball’s Version of the Thunderclap Makes Hulk Look Pathetic

While the Hulk’s Thunderclap is arguably one of his strongest attacks as it is practically his only one that doesn’t require him to make direct contact with his opponent as it can harm them from a distance, Dragon Ball’s version of that move makes the original one Hulk uses look absolutely pathetic.

Bruce Banner became the Incredible Hulk after being exposed to a massive amount of gamma radiation which forever mutated him and gave him the power to turn into a being of immense strength anytime he gets angry or stressed, granting Hulk the ability to use his Thunderclap attack. The Thunderclap is exactly as it sounds, the Hulk claps his hands together and creates a force so strong that it is comparable to that of a Category 5 hurricane, but concentrated in a single, directional blast. While there are some outlying examples of the Thunderclap being capable of wiping out a universe or even obliterating the One Below All (who is also the One Above All), those are rare instances that relied on outside forces to make possible and don’t accurately portray the ability as it is normally shown.


In Dragon Ball chapter 156 by Akira Toriyama, Goku and King Piccolo are in the middle of their final showdown after Piccolo succeeded in taking control of Planet Earth. While King Piccolo was the strongest entity on the planet at that time, Goku received a significant power-up right before this battle, giving the Saiyan child the edge he needed to face the Demon King one-on-one. Throughout the fight, the two warriors seemed relatively evenly matched, making it necessary for Piccolo to unveil his true power rather than holding it back and retaining more of his energy. When Piccolo shifts into full strength, his power is so great that he is able to push Goku back a significant distance with a mere wave of his hand.

Dragon Ball’s Thunderclap is better than Hulk’s.

At this point in Dragon Ball history, Goku is wielding power rivaling a deity and has surpassed the previously superior Tien, a fighter with the strength to obliterate an entire fighting arena like it was nothing. Basically, Goku has become about as close to an immovable object as a fighter could be in this world, yet Piccolo pushes him back, not with a ki blast, but with the force created when he simply waved his hand. Since Goku has been able to take massive blasts of incredible energy without being seriously injured and can also fly through the air at supersonic speed–with Flying Nimbus or independently–it is safe to say the power of a hurricane, Category 5 or otherwise, wouldn’t have that much of an impact on him. That said, Piccolo’s forceful wave was still enough to push Goku back, which indicates that the seemingly insignificant attack is more powerful than Hulk’s Thunderclap–and even if it rivals the Thunderclap, it literally requires half the effort.

What the Hulk can do with a powerful clap of his hands, Piccolo can top with a single wave of one of his. While it may seem obvious that a character from Dragon Ball displays a more powerful attack than a similar one from Marvel Comics since the fighters of Dragon Ball operate on a level far above nearly anything Marvel characters are capable of, this situation is not one of those instances. Piccolo didn’t use his ki, the force created by waving his hand was sheer strength as it cut through the air and knocked Goku back with a wind gust stronger than a hurricane.

Since Hulk needs to use two hands to achieve a force that is either a bit weaker or equally strong as an attack Piccolo just needs one hand to pull off, Dragon Ball’s version of the Thunderclap proves to be literally twice as good as Hulk’s.

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