DWTS: Iman & Daniella’s Mirrorball Trophy Win Defended By Fans

Dancing With The Stars fans are coming to Iman Shumpert and Daniella Karagach’s defense after some people couldn’t believe they won the Mirror Ball trophy over JoJo and Jenna. On Monday’s season 30 finale, Iman and Daniella went up against JoJo & Jenna, Cody & Cheryl, and Amanda & Alan. After the couples performed their routines, host Tyra Banks counted down the couples from fourth to first place. Amanda & Alan and Cody & Cheryl came in 4th and 3rd place, leaving just Iman & Daniella and JoJo & Jenna. In the end, Iman and Daniella were crowned the season champions and were handed the coveted mirrorball trophy.


During the finale, Iman and Daniella performed two routines. The winning pair performed a Cha-cha-cha Foxtrot to Earth, Wind & Fire’s “September,” followed by a Freestyle dance to Missy Elliot’s “Lose Control.” They scored perfect 10s on both routines resulting in an overall judges score of 80. JoJo and Jenna also scored a perfect 80, while the other two competing couples scored just under the mark.

While some are upset at JoJo and Jenna’s win as the pair were very popular throughout the season, many fans are coming to the defense of Iman and Daniella. TikTok user lina.hara posted a video to the platform reminiscing about the pair’s horror night tribute to Jordan Peele’s Us. The user wrote, “I’ve seen many people on TikTok complaining that JoJo didn’t win, so I wanted to share the only dance on this show that has ever made me gasp out loud.” The video received over 10,000 comments, mostly agreeing that Iman deserved the honor.

Throughout season 30 of DWTS, JoJo and Jenna received plenty of praise from judges and fans at home for their weekly performances. However, they also received an equal amount of criticism from those who believed JoJo shouldn’t have been on the show. JoJo is well known for being on the dance competition show Dance Moms and has already had plenty of dance experience. Many felt this gave her an unfair advantage over other competitors who had little or no experience. One user commented on the TikTok, “the whole point of this show is watching people who have no dance experience learn the skill. JoJo really had no place from the start, great in theory, but definitely wasn’t meant to win.“

One of the primary reasons fans love Dancing With The Stars is watching competitors grow throughout the season as they learn from their professional dance partners. Iman’s performance throughout season 30 was the epitome of growth, dedication, and learning. It’s understandable why some people feel it takes away from the excitement when a dancer is already great from the start. Though it’s unfair to deny anyone the opportunity from performing on the show, Iman and Daniella check all the boxes on the fans’ list of what makes a fair winner.

Source: lina.hara/ TikTok

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