Elden Ring Soundtrack Released Alongside Beautiful Orchestra Video

The Elden Ring soundtrack has been officially released, and it’s accompanied by a breathtaking behind-the-scenes video of the Budapest Film Orchestra performing a haunting song. FromSoftware’s open-world fantasy RPG is a truly epic experience, with players exploring the vast Lands Between and facing massive bosses to the tune of glorious orchestral music. Fans widely consider Elden Ring an exceptional open-world RPG, and the game’s newly release soundtrack is a huge part of that success.


FromSoftware has become well-known for its beloved soulslike games which perfectly blend atmosphere, worldbuilding and intense gameplay. Music helps support all three of these features, with songs ranging from soft exploratory pieces to bombastic boss fight ballads. Many of FromSoftware’s iconic bosses are intrinsically linked with their memorable boss tunes, with Ludwig’s theme from Bloodborne betraying his bestial nature while Gwyn’s theme from Dark Souls is both intense and melancholy. Elden Ring is no exception, with its masterful soundtrack fitting travel across the Lands Between, fights against godly foes and everything in-between. In fact, Post Malone plays Elden Ring with no music because the soundtrack is simply too intense for the iconic rapper and songwriter to handle during combat.

A video of the Budapest Film Orchestra recording a song for Elden Ring, posted to YouTube by publisher Bandai Namco, commemorates the release of the game’s official soundtrack. The fascinating video shows the world-class orchestra performing “Erdtree Knights,” a heart-pounding track that perfectly suits the Lands Between and its myriad dangers. Fans can now listen to this song, along with 66 others, via the Elden Ring Original Soundtrack. The epic orchestral experience is available on various popular streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music, turning any drive or workout into an epic Tarnished adventure.

The Elden Ring Soundtrack Is Intense & Beautiful

Music plays a huge role in establishing the Lands Between, and a player who beat Margit with an Elden Ring harp controller exemplifies this fact. The talented Tarnished connected each string of their harp to a specific controller input, letting them clumsily control their player character by plucking certain strings. In-game actions like rolling, attacking and healing are therefore tied to musical notes, turning the boss fight against Margit the Fell Omen into a gorgeous impromptu song. The result may not be as professional or awe-inspiring as a Budapest Film Orchestra performance, but the player did manage to successfully defeat the infamously difficult early boss.

The Elden Ring soundtrack masterfully builds atmosphere and drives the open-world soulslike’s intense boss fights. The Budapest Film Orchestra is responsible for bringing this musical experience to life, and now fans can listen to the lengthy original soundtrack on all major streaming services. Fans may not be able to actually visit the Lands Between, but bringing the Elden Ring soundtrack on the go is the next best thing.

Source: Bandai Namco/YouTube

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